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Said acquisition has raised concerns among Sun’s original software communities for fear of being dropped from Oracle’s portfolio. All associated with Sun’s Project Kenai, OpenSolaris, open-source projects in application servers and portals, and NetBeans IDE have a reason for worry simply because their ever-growing future and advancement depends on Oracle’s decisions to progress. Certainly, workforce reduction is implied if any of those technologies and programs are discarded. However, some positives of the overall acquisition include increasing a potential competitive advantage for Oracle in terms of being able to make vertical applications, which IBM and Hewlett-Packard currently are unable to do. Also, as Ramchandra Naik, Company and Market Intelligent Research Practice – Datamonitor India analyst indicates, Sun and Oracle have had a working relationship for over 20 years. Solaris operating system, for example, happens to be the leading platform for hosting the Oracle database while Capgemini & Oracle-developed Fusion middleware uses Java. Based on the two companies’ earlier relationship, he says, “There may not be any major overlap issues.” Larry Ellison is betting this deal will give his company an edge over IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, and EMC.19

As of the end of 2009 Larry Ellison received and agreed to a reduction in executive compensation amidst the recession. Strangely, the Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Epstein, was the only one who received a fiscal year salary “in the money,” meaning his value was larger than the period’s issue price.20 This company-wide hit was a product of Oracle’s corporate governance exercising its internal mechanism as an expression of concern among stakeholders, yet it was more so to align with the economic segment of the general business environment as well. However, even employees have complained about the gaps between management levels and each’s respective compensation. One Director in Redwood City, CA said, “Stock option grants are small and infrequent while Larry and his cronies give themselves millions every year.” Another Systems Engineer said, “NO pay raises. No advancement opportunities. Too many management levels; almost no real communication from upper management. Executives get high pay and stock options; workers get nothing. Stock purchase plan for employees is a joke.” Lastly, a Sales Representative located in Dublin, Ireland said “[The] company does not reward company loyalty. Employees promoted from within are usually paid 30-40% below external hires.” At that point (mid 2009) Larry Ellison held a moderate 63% approval rating and a 13% disapproval rating despite being among the Top 100 highest rated CEOs on, a group of individuals trying to provide greater transparency for current major companies.21 Even though some stock option-based compensation plans are well designed with option strike prices substantially higher than current stock prices, too many have been...

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