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Sunday Hunting Essay

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In the state of Pennsylvania there are only seven days to legally rifle hunt antlered and antler-less white-tailed deer. Out of the insignificant seven days of the hunting season, it is only legal to hunt on six of them. There should not be a law that makes it illegal to hunt on Sundays. It should not be a law because it is attempting to force religion on people and because they are not in church they are not allowed to hunt. There were also other laws like this in PA and most of them were repealed, but why wasn’t this one? I know that some people are religious and believe that Sunday is a day for God and if they don’t think killing an animal on Sunday is a good thing to do they don’t have ...view middle of the document...

There are also other reasons why this law was repealed.
There were other laws like this that were passed with this one, but were later repealed, so why wasn't this law repealed with it? It is now legal to buy alcohol on Sunday, so why is it still illegal to hunt on Sunday. Almost all other states have also repealed or never even had these laws so again, why is this law still not repealed? There are now only eleven states that have this law now and there should be no states with this law. Most of the blue laws are violating the peoples freedom of religion and should be repealed like most other states. Most of the blue laws are violating rights and trying to force religion on people, for these reasons they should be repealed. I understand that people can be very strict on religion and believe that Sunday is a day for God, and if they don’t think that killing an animal on Sunday is right they don’t have to do it.
If people don’t like the idea of killing an animal on Sunday, they don’t have to. Some people think that everyone should be in church on Sunday, but others aren't religious and don’t go to church and they should be allowed to do what they want in their time. Laws shouldn't urge you to go to church like this one does. This law even punishes people in a way by not letting them hunt because they aren't in church. People should have the freedom to do what they want when they want to do it. People and laws should not try and force religion on others and punish them when they are not at church. There would also be more time for hunting if hunting on Sunday was legal.

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