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Sunlight Necessary For Fiber Optic Lighting Essay

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12. Future work
The main issue for designing a fiber optic day lighting system is how to get the light into the fiber. The main objective for future work should because of this be development of efficient light collector designs and doing accurate calculations of their performance. An efficient, reliable and preferably cheap light collector is the base for any further development of a functioning fiber optic day lighting system. A vital issue when designing light collectors is the amount of available daylight .Since it seems to be most viable to collect direct sunlight only for fiber optic systems it is important to have data for sun hours at the location of interest. Maybe a location with weather and climate typical for some interesting locations should be studied. How many sun hours are there per year, how often and in which ways does the weather situation change, what is the intensity of the sun light, etcetera.. A system that cannot provide sufficient illumination continuously will hardly be considered for installation anywhere, which means that this issue must be solved in someway. A fiber optic day lighting system cannot work alone; there must be some kind of backup or combination with another light source. Because of this it should be an objective of future seminar to come up with light sources that can be used in combination with fiber optic day lighting systems and efficient ways of combining these daylight and artificial light. This study is mostly dealing with generic concepts and ideas. Therefore it would be interesting to further investigate especially some of the vital topics. Examples of such topics would be:
•A detailed study of the available daylight and its regularity at a chosen location.
• Developing the design of one of the suggested systems in this report, e.g. the 1-axis turning trough, and doing a detailed calculation of its efficiency.
• Doing an economical evaluation of this system. Hopefully we will see some development in the area of day lighting, active and passive, that increases both the use of it and awareness of it for people in common.

Fig 36 use of fiber optics lighting

13. Conclusions
The SP3 system of Parans provide high quality solar light. It has a fuller spectrum compared to the fluorescent lights at the...

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