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Self-concept Theory of Career Development - Donald Super

The outcome of complex interactions between
1. Physical growth and mental growth
2. Personal experiences
3. Environmental characteristics
4. Stimulation

Career Development-
A lifelong proactive journey that utilizes planning, development and implementation of vocational skills to reach career goals.

Self-Concept Career Development, as described by Super, is ever changing growth process in and through five different developmental stages. The better the maturation/development of self-concept, the stronger the vocational development (career satisfaction) will be. A person must be ready to cope with the developmental tasks at each stage. This process utilizes both affective and cognitive strategies. It is important to recognize the changes that people go through as they mature. Career patterns are determined by the development of self or by physical growth and mental growth, personal experiences, environmental characteristics and stimulation.

Career satisfaction is achieved when people are able to find work roles in which they can express themselves and implement and develop their self-concepts. Vocation maturity, a main concept in Super's theory, is demonstrated if five stages. It is then complimented by five vocational developmental stages. These are broken down below and then merged together. You will notice the large amount of vocational development is achieved in the traditional students beginning years of college. It is important for the student to develop a specific career goal early on in the college process so a student can plan coursework and vocational experiences

Growth Birth to 14 Forming self-concept, developing capacity, attitudes, interests, and needs, and
form a general understanding of the world of work.
Exploratory 15-24 "Trying out" through classes, work experience, hobbies. Collecting relevant
information. Tentative choice and related skill development.
Establishment 25-44 Entry skill building and stabilization through work experience.
Maintenance 45-64 Continual adjustment process to improve position.
Decline 65+ Reduced output, prepare for retirement.

Super further broke down the stages to define vocational developmental tasks.

Crystallization 14-18 Developing and planning a tentative vocational goal.
Specification 18-21 Firming the vocational goal.
Implementation 21-24 Training for and obtaining employment.
Stabilization 24-35 Working and confirming career choice.
Consolidation 35+ Advancement in career.

The theory then blends five vocation development tasks into the five stages.
Merged in aged groups

Growth Birth to 14 Forming self-concept, developing capacity, attitudes, interests, and needs, and
form a general understanding of the world of work.

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