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Super Loud. Essay

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In the 1960's a popular trend started with the introduction of the first in-car8-track player. It was the birth of the mobile electronics industry. Car audio and mobile electronics have since become a full-blown phenomenon. Powerhouse companies are currently creating some of the most expensive and advanced electronic systems on the market. Independent installers are now fabricating competition audio systems capable of crushing the body panels of a car if not reinforced. Even car manufacturers have gotten into the game by teaming up with audio companies to produce stereo systems that are custom tailored to their production vehicles. All of this spawned from a love of music and a desire to have the best.Music can define who we are, It can alter our mood, and affect our behavior. It's no wonder why people use the most accurate equipment possible to reproduce recordings.Most people replace their existing head-units (radios and cd players) because they do not work or are just too weak to play at the volume they desire. Typically this simple replacement, although effective in some cases, only gives people a stronger music signal. Often, music can still lack that certain "oomph" that's present in the deep bellow of a double bass or even a bass guitar. Sometimes they are missing the crisp "ting" of a hi-hat or the highest notes of a singer's Falsetto voice. These create a desire for an even better, more complete sound and prompt people to choose to upgrade their speakers. New speakers are better equipped to produce all audible frequencies and are able to generate powerful pitches. Still, some partially synthesized music such as rap and hip hop have lower bass frequencies that require more specialized equipment to create. Some people, as well, require even more sonic clarity and power than normal. This can only be accomplished with the use of components such as subwoofers (large speakers...

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