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Super Service Essay

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I am reviewing the book Super Service, by Jeff and Valerie Gee. I was initially attracted to this book due to the subtitle, “Seven keys to delivering great customer service… Even when you don’t feel like it! … Even when they don’t deserve it!” The book promises to bring a new upbeat approach to serving customers on the front line and to make this job more meaningful to those who do.
     Upon first glance, the book looks overly simplified. I discovered, however, that it is well written, and makes its points clearly without unnecessarily delving into complicated theories. This book encourages readers to see customer service from a different perspective: you are not performing solely for the customer or the company, but for your own sense of satisfaction. In this way, it functions as a motivational tool for those of us in the business of working directly with customers. The authors offer seven critical ideas for providing outstanding customer service. Each one builds upon the premise of the previous one, making these lessons sensible and natural to put into practice. The book illustrates each key with case scenarios, checklists, cartoons, and exercises. The result is the creation of an interactive learning experience. Super Service is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style. The authors neither talk down to the reader nor take on the boring tone of an employee manual.
     The most striking difference I discovered is the straightforward techniques the authors reveal to help you put their concepts into practice. For example, anyone can tell you that the secret to serving customers well is to: “Have the right attitude,” “Listen with an open mind,” or “Seek a win-win situation.” This book teaches you easy ways to do those very things. How are you supposed to have a good attitude about serving customers? You won’t change your attitude simply because someone tells you that you should. Super Service gives you reasons why you should be happy to serve your customers. Similar to information you might get from other sources, the authors of this book stress what it costs you every time you lose a customer and how difficult it is to get those customers back. However, these authors take the next step by motivating you to enjoy serving your customers. They teach you that serving is about being “… a giver instead of a taker. If you think about it, we all serve other people. Even the most influential people in the world have to serve someone…”1 Which brings home the point that we all serve somebody and we all get tired of it. However, it’s how we serve most of the time that makes for a happy or unhappy life. The Ritz-Carlton drives this point home with their corporate motto, “We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen.”2 This is the key to enjoying your job rather than being miserable. If you have to serve the customers anyway, you may as well be good at it. By being good at it, you will...

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