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"Super Size Verses Fat Head: How Fast Food Effects Our Lives

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Super-size was a 2004 documentary film directed and stared in by Morgan Spurlock, who wanted to prove that like cigarettes, fast food “McDonalds” is just as harmful to The American population of the United States. He got the idea from two girls who were in a lawsuit with McDonalds, They blamed “McDonalds” for having gained so much weight, and they were also blaming “McDonalds” for corrupting their eating habits. The lawsuit failed and that was the reason Spurlock, decided to take on his 30 day diet of “McDonalds” food eating it (meals) three times a day, to show the probability he would gain a lot of weight and prove a significant point to “the citizens of United States of America.”
A comedian named Tom Naughton, who had made a reply documentary to the film “Super-Size Me.” called “Fat head,” it debuted in 2009. His angle was to show that there was no way that Spurlock, could have consumed the amount of calories that he claimed he consumed in a day’s time. He also went on to do the “McDonalds” diet for 30 days, but he took it to a different level and went to other fast food restaurants as well. Naughton, decided to use his common sense, that we wish, all responsible people would use when dining out, make better food choices for themselves as well as their children.
First comparison and contrast, was that “the food was very additive“, so much that a reasonable person would not be able to make smart choices for themselves, also the fast food employees “would make you go inside the establishment, had you to order and eat their food no questions asked.” So He stood outside and waited for them to come get him, but no one came, or made him in go inside. Spurlock said “that when he wasn’t eating the food that he felt depressed and felt tired.” Naughton said “he didn’t get that feeling of sadness, anxiety, and although he liked the food he still felt the same when he wasn’t eating it.” Naughton was considered over weight when he started, from the standards of the government, his height and weight made him obese, to me he looked normal.
The second one is that the government, has our best interest in hand and that everything they said “was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!” “They would never do anything to do to hurt “The American People” after all they had data, and all the answers to why cholesterol was the number one causes for heart disease.” Naughton, showed cases that proved that people with good cholesterol, still had heart attacks, he showed that there are so many other causes that people get heart disease too. Metabolism and exercise plays a big part in why some people gain weight and others don’t. The Government went so far as to put restrictions on what kind of oil and other things that...

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