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Superheroes Of Hope Essay

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Brubaker and Cool Hand Luke are different men on the same mission. Despite their different approaches, they stand for the same thing: reform and hope. Brubaker and Cool Hand Luke come across differently, by their actions, their positions, and their relatedness to the other prisoners. As the new warden for the prison, Brubaker could have been seen as just another person trying to inflict hardship and punishment onto the prisoners. Luke, being the new guy, is easily just another Newcock. The difference between these men and all the others is the hope of a better tomorrow.
Brubaker snuck into the prison, even after he was named the warden. Nobody in their right mind snuck into a prison, let ...view middle of the document...

Cool Hand Luke was just a typical prisoner with nothing special about him, at least at first. As time went on, he is starting to show what his true character is. What is interesting about Luke is he is a hero in the prisoner’s eyes, but really is an anti-hero. Meaning he doesn’t really have all of the characteristics of what would normally be perceived as a hero. He’s not the biggest, strongest, or even the smartest. He just stuck to his beliefs on what he felt was fair and right. You could even consider him a martyr. Because of this, he was a hero to the rest of the prisoners.
Luke started out by gaining attention slowly. He did this by winning poker matches and telling people to “play a real cool hand” (Pearce 96). He won bets in eating contests and because of it he “…managed to break the entire Camp” (Pearce 112). He brought people together like they never have been before. He has the prisoner’s attention, but now he has to gain it from those in control. While working on the tar road, Luke worked faster and harder than the rest. “None of us could keep up with the grueling pace of his day-long fury, even the biggest, the strongest, and the fastest men all falling behind, unable to match his turbulent frenzy” (Pearce 126). By being so strong and fast, he showed the prison officials that no matter what conditions they placed him under, he was not going to break. He fought the system simply by his daily actions.
Both men eventually left their respective prisons, Brubaker by forced resignation and Cool Hand Luke was murder. The officials in...

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