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Superior Humans Essay

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Cold iron machinery clangs. Steadily. Pacing. 8:47, Tuesday morning, Mesquite, Nevada. Cold corpses of decapitated bodies lay in bags in the backroom. Donated for scientific experimentation. The clean smell of anti-bacterial bleach still present in the aroma of the laboratory. Metallic, stainless, equipment, ready for another early morning.

In this laboratory, stood a single man, his name was Professor Hyndman. He wore a long, white laboratory coat however it was stained every colour imaginable from mixtures, blood and grease. He had a large pair of black tattered trousers on his skinny legs and a lime green jumper underneath his multi stained laboratory ...view middle of the document...

Fear was the only thing breathable in this apocalyptic stage of life. Professor Hyndman, for once in his life was actually regretting his invention. It was never meant to turn out like this. A new world of bionic super-humans dawned on the world as we know it. Everything could have worked out perfectly but for a simple but deadly glitch in the system. It changed everything. Splashes of chalk on the blackboard; the solution was still unknown. A malfunction which is yet to be discovered. A simple mistake which could have easily destroyed the whole human race as we know it if nothing had been done about it. A new era of bionics. An army of super soldiers. What had he done?

No more could have gone wrong, everything that could have possibly happened to Professor Hyndman happened. He made multiple human shapes from the body parts and then he inserted a fully working organ system and also a technological circuit and a chip. The circuit and the chip were the most important things in this experiment. It something happened the chip or the circuit board then everyone would have been in danger.

After Professor Hyndman multiplied and scanned the clones he realised something terrible. The circuit board, he wired it wrong. He mixed up the black wire and the red wire! It wouldn’t have sounded like much to an outsider but Professor Hyndman knew. He had just put the whole world in danger. His superior humans were working, he had succeeded to a certain extent but he knew that he had no control over them. No control at all, because of two mixed up wires the chip inside the superiors was pointless. He couldn’t control them without the chip. They were free and they were out to kill.

To anyone who happens to find this,

I have made a terrible mistake. I regret what I have done. The human race is in grave danger and I can’t cope with the pressure any more. The humans were stupid imbeciles and they needed my help to advance their brain. I made a couple of sample humans but they didn’t work out so well. They cloned and are stronger now than ever, stronger than I can handle. So I say to you, who ever happens to be reading this... be careful. Don’t underestimate anyone’s powers. Anyone in this whole city, anyone in this whole world, could be a superior human in their natural form. They are dangerous and I cannot live with the guilt anymore.

Goodbye world.

As I, Professor Hyndman’s assistant (John Jones) was walking in, that Monday morning everything felt normal; the corpses in the back room, the smell of bleach, all the scientific equipment, just another day working for a mad scientist. I walked over to the operating table where we were going to finish our superior humans. I found none of the body parts or Professor Hyndman but, as I turned the corner into the back room I saw him. Lying there on the ground. I rushed over to him but I soon saw that it was too late. I picked up a note lying beside him and read it. He created powerful monsters and...

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