Superiority Complex In Humans: War Of The Worlds

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H. G. Wells, author of the science fiction novel The War of The Worlds, used irony and foreshadowing to portray the theme that humans have a superiority complex that makes them think they have control and that they are the superior race. H. G. Wells is often regarded as the father of modern science fiction.
Herbert George Wells was born in Bromley, in the south of England on September 21, 1866. Wells was not born into a wealthy family. Sarah Wells was born on October 10, 1822. As a job Sarah Wells became a domestic servant. When Wells was a child he got hurt playing cricket this was a future altering injury because while he wasn’t able to do anything he started to read a lot which gave him the love for literature and writing. Joseph and Sarah Wells felt that the only thing their son was going to be was a clerk in a store. In 1874-1880 Wells got his childhood education at Thomas Morley’s Commercial Academy (Abrams 10+; “Wells, H. G.” 122).
When Wells went to college his tutor was Thomas Huxley, who taught him about Darwin’s Theory of evolution. During college Wells took two classes from Thomas Huxley and they were elementary biology and zoology. During Wells off time he drew sketches that were used for his diaries. Most of his sketches had to do with politics and his feelings on the matter. Wells explored the future of humanity through many novels. Wells felt that science and technology could solve the problems of the human race (Abrams 53+; “Wells, H. G.” 122).
Wells last school year at the Normal School of Science was 1886-1887. Wells failed an apprenticeship at drapers and chemists. Since he failed he began teaching at a preparatory school. At a period of time Wells was a member of the Fabian Society that was a socialist movement. In October of 1891 Wells married his cousin Isabel Mary Wells. As Wells got older he felt that mankind should not be able to use technology because he felt that people would use it for evil and not good. At the Royal Institution Wells gave a lecture where he recalled that mankind was destined to perish and that all of life would end in a dying world (Abrams 53+; “Wells, H. G.” 122).
In 1895 Wells divorced Isabel and married Amy Catherine Robbins who was a student Wells once taught. In 1901 Wells and his wife Amy welcomed their son in the world George Philip Wells. In 1903 there was the birth of Wells second son Frank Richard Wells. In 1914 it was Wells first time visiting Russia and in that same year Wells third child Anthony West was born. Wells felt that the world should be at peace so to try and do that he promoted the League of Free Nations. Then in 1922 Wells became a member of the Labor Party. Wells also accepts the Labor Candidacy to be the lord rectorship at Glasgow University but he was defeated. Throughout the year’s when Wells was married to Amy Catherine he started to have relationships with other women because Wells believed that you should not be tied down by your wedding vows you should be able to...

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