Superman V. Batman: Who Is Greater?

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Superman V. Batman: Who is Greater?
The most well known Superheroes from the DC universe are probably Batman and Superman. Many times, hardcore DC comic book fans dispute over who the better superhero is. Many like Batman for his gadgets and others for his looks, while others like Superman for his powers and abilities. I would personally say that Superman is the more capable and better Superhero.
The main factor that tells me that Superman is a better Superhero is that fact that he actually has powers whereas Batman has to rely on money. Superman has many powers such as: Extreme strength, invulnerability, heat and x-ray vision, super breath, and flight. Batman on the other hand, has no powers and without his billionaire status, would have never made it as a superhero. In a scenario where Superman and Batman were both dirt poor, Batman would just stay as Bruce Wayne and Superman would still be able to continue his hero work because his powers would allow him to.
Since both are super heroes, they both have to have weaknesses. Superman’s weakness is very simple; get some kryptonite and make sure he gets prolonged exposure and he will die. Batman however, is vulnerable to any weapon. If he gets shot by a gun, he’s dead and if he gets stabbed by a knife in a vital area, he’s dead. Batman is too easy to kill and he is a very emotionally unstable guy, which causes him to think very deeply and ponder if he’s a good or bad person.
Batman and Superman are both very popular Superheroes that have many DC fanatics behind them. Each has their own style and methods of achieving justice. Superman is an authentic superhero with great powers and Batman is just a crime fighter with technology and money. In the end, Superman should be considered a better hero than Batman.

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