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Supermarkets Essay

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Why do you think when you come in a store the employees are nice to you? They are told to be nice and greet people at the door step, but they are doing that, so you can come back, and they consume your money. Large supermarkets like Walmart grab your attention by reducing prices, giving good customer service, and having ads on TV that will want to make shoppers buy that item. The article What Your Supermarket Knows About You by Martin Lindstrom is about us as consumers, tend to buy food or items that have deals or low prices on them. Supermarkets study their customers by looking at what they are buying, and see what they are not. Supermarkets shouldn’t lie to their customers, ...view middle of the document...

That proves that not only do they have employees watch what you’re buying, they also have cameras monitoring shoppers. Consumers are like test subjects for them. They look and see what shoppers are buying, and what they are not buying, they lower the price or post a deal. I used to work at a gas station, sometimes my manager told me to watch people especially suspicious looking people. I walked around checking what they bought. The next day I tell my manager we need more of this and that. It’s good to understand what people need when they walk in your store but it’s another when you’re behind them staring down like “Hey!”. Give people their freedom to shop and buy whatever without them checking who’s behind them. Does all this watching and knowing consumers really benefit us? They kind of do. If they know what you like buying, they keep stocking up on that specific item, so that another shopper can also buy what you bought.
Consumers should also try other stores and not only one store. Mix it up a little. I understand that some stores may not have...

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