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In choosing between aliens and supernatural beings, the decision might be too difficult to make. But when it comes to choosing between “Doctor Who” and “Supernatural”, “Supernatural” is the better of the two. While both shows are good, “Supernatural” has more complexity of characters, a better soundtrack, and presents conflicts better.
To evaluate whether a show is worth losing my social life, I like to take into consideration some factors of the show. The first and most important criterion is the characters. A show’s characters are supposed to be complex, not one dimensional characters that only serve one purpose. Another criterion is if the soundtrack heightens the show’s enjoyability. A ...view middle of the document...

But as the show progresses, Bobby turns into Sam’s and Dean’s second father. It shows in the way he will not hesitate to risk his life in order to save them, even though they are capable of fixing the problem themselves. My last example is Lisa. While most fans hated her, I loved her. She was not just a girl who would do anything to keep the guy she loves, she was a girl who loved a guy but would not let his world hurt her or her son. At first, Lisa tried to stay with Dean, but as his world became too perilous for her and her son, she left him. Although Supernatural has a lot of complex characters, I wish the writers would make Sam and Dean learn from their mistakes. If lying has not work for them in the past, why would it work in the new season?
“Doctor Who” has been a show for at least 50 years, yet the writers still cannot write a credible female characters. For example Rose, while she started out alright in her first episode, the writers should have made her character grow as the series progressed. But instead the writers decided that they were going to make her nettlesome and codependent on the Doctor. While I understand that she fell in love with the Doctor, I do not understand why she became so needy of him. That is not how most women react in real life. Amy Pond is another example of Moffat’s inability to write a proper female character. Her whole world revolved around the Doctor or Rory. While she might have been in love, that is no excuse for having her life controlled by men. Another faulty character is the Doctor himself. His fault is that he has no faults, which makes him a boring character. His only weakness would be the Daleks, but he killed all of them along with his people. However, I do love Dorothy Gale “Ace” McShane. Unlike Rose and Amy, when Ace gets into trouble she does not scream at the Doctor to come save her, she saves herself.
Another criteria I use to judge if a show is worth trading the best years of my life for sitting at home watching tv, is if it can use music to add to the story. Which Supernatural is the best at doing it. Most of my dearest moments in the series are my favorite because of the song that was playing. For example, when Dean is sitting in the Impala talking with Sam as they are getting ready to go, the song “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi starts playing as Dean starts driving, that moment is perfectly captured by the song. The song pretty much describes Dean’s life, specially at that moment as he is wanted by hellhounds so they can drag him to hell. Another of my favorite moments is when Death is shown for the first time. “Oh Death” by Jen Titus starts playing as Death is first introduced in the show. It captures Death’s personality so perfectly because it show that he is Death and everyone is insignificant compared to him. Another moment when the music captures the moment perfectly is at the end of “Nightshifter.” At the end the episode, Dean and Sam are escaping a SWAT team ambush when the...

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