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I was inspired by Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black to create a short story based on the gothic horror genre and incorporated a few of her ideas into my own writing. They both feature a male protagonist; Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black, and an unnamed male protagonist in Supernatural. I was motivated to use the key themes of loneliness and isolation which is evident in the character Kipps’ throughout the novel which which I believe is portrayed very well in the Hill’s use of both the past and present tense which I have also integrated into my short story as well as the use of language such as the portrayal of the protagonists inner emotions; “I had never been quite so alone, nor felt quite so small and insignificant"

I chose to keep my protagonist unnamed to keep an element of hidden mystery and secrecy which is another theme used throughout the prose text, as well as the villain being vaguely named ‘The Woman in Black’ until later in the novel when it was revealed what her true identity was. I believe this helped to grip the reader and left them wanting to know more about her. Also, by keeping the protagonist unnamed, it fit into the gothic horror genre by allowing the reader to relate and believe that the tragedy could occur to them.

I have also opened the story with direct address in the present tense, which is then repeated at several other points in the story for example “I’d like to tell you a story” which makes it easier for the reader to empathise with the character and to connect more on a personal level which helps to grip the readers attention and want to get to know the protagonist and more about his story. He then goes on to say “if that’s okay” which also helps create sympathy from the reader which portrays his sense of isolation, as if he hasn’t got anyone else to share his story with and is unsure as to wether the reader actually wants to hear his tragic tale. The protagonist also has a distinct dialect which is noticeable in the opening when he implies that he doesn’t care if you hear his story because he’s “sure you don’t have all day”. This illustrates his emotional state in the present day by portraying the lack of control over his emotions.

I have used imagery throughout my story such as the emotive metaphor “before i explode” which again implies how the great effect of events to come have affected his emotional state moreover how keeping it to himself has almost ate at him over the years, encouraging the reader to commiserate with him. I have...

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