Supernatural Dean Winchester Summary Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College/ English 1102 Essay

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Luccioni 3
Summer Luccioni
Miss Kaci West
English 1102-5
October 7, 2017
Life’s Expectations
When you are younger you are told that you can be whatever you want to be when you get older. As a kid you dream of being superman, a butterfly, even president of the United States. In the popular television series Supernatural, Sam Winchester is one of those people that wants to be someone other than who he is. Sam cannot truly be consoled into leaving his guilt behind. Sam’s feeling of guilt is permanently imprinted into his psyche, someone who feels that he is responsible and accountable for many of the deaths in the first three seasons.
Sam’s job is to save people from the horrors of the supernatural, but that is not where his heart is. Sam went to college, started a relationship and generally enjoyed life. Of course, this being Supernatural, this “normal life” came crashing down on him hard, the consequences leaving him mentally and emotionally scarred. He ended up having to take care of his family business alongside his brother Dean Winchester. This wasn’t the easiest task to take on because not only did it put a pause on his life, but he also did not know for a very long time what his family did for a living.
Not only did he lose the chance to study law, but he also lost the love of his life, Jessica. The Winchester’s job brought a lot of love and hate into their life. They had more enemies than friends. Their enemies wanted to hurt them and the people they love the most as well. That is how Jessica lost her life. That traumatic event drives Sam crazy. He blames nobody other than himself and eventually realizes, there was no way he could love somebody else and keep them safe. Losing her made him lose track of who he wants to be and made him focus more on finding who or what killed Jessica and everything else that brought harm to people.
The change in Sam was no secret. His brother Dean noticed and that was where his guilt came from. Dean knew once Sam became a hunter he would no longer be able to live a normal life. Everything Sam once knew was no longer important. It’s not like he doesn’t want to save people from the things that go bump in the night. He just wanted more, he wanted to love and go to school. There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, but when it can end up very painful you tend to settle like Winchester brothers are doing.
Many people could argue that Sam is not a true killer and cannot handle the hostile circumstances he has to deal with, but that is not...

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