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Supernatural Entities Essay

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Supernatural EntitiesDefinitionAn occurrence, event or 'being' beyond the scope and understanding of common logic, or something operating beyond the known physical laws. E.g. an elaborate ghostly apparition or self -spilled glass of water both qualify as supernatural occurrences.The human psyche, fascinated with the supernatural?Assuming the above statement to be true, we can assume that the modern media revolving around supernatural drama should contain a diverse assortment of historically catalogued supernatural beings such as the Nephilim, Abatwa, Mono Grande etc. The reason for their absence is that the modern media gives us what our psyche demands i.e. vampires, werewolves, ghosts and zombies. The focus by the media on these specific beings appears to be the root cause of the question posed above, but the actual reasons are quite physiological and deeply embedded in the ancient primitive parts of our brain. Since most modern supernatural focused-entertainment media showcases vampires and zombies most often, they can be used as basis for the argument of our fascination.Vampires (introduction, origin and modern interpretation)The sadistic undead human like creature known as the vampire, known not only for their physical immortality but also for their immortal and grandiose status in the halls of the supernatural. No other being has inspired such awe and terror in both great and equal measure such as the vampire. The modern day interpretation of this undead being can be traced to "Vlad the Impaler", a cruel tyrant famous for impaling his live victims on wooden steaks, this combined with his rumored habit of drinking his victims blood made him an inspiration for Bram Stokers classic novel "Dracula". This classic novel is where most of the modern vampire originates from, the aversion to sunlight and garlic, the immortality, pale skin etc. Modern vampire perception (as portrayed by Hollywood) often casts them in roles of tragically misunderstood heroes with a more potent dark side than most humans. The role of the romantic hero, where previously resided the likes of Mr. Darcy (pride and prejudice) has been entrusted to the fanged blood drinking sub-human.Zombies (introduction, origin and modern interpretation)The origin story of the rotting reanimated corpse...

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