Superpowers. (Did This Essay A Long Time Ago)

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It was a normal day the wind breezing on the east. The sun shining on the west and there I stood nothing to do in the park. I was waiting for my friends to play football but they never came. I started to climb onto the slide and slide down. While I was sliding down something surprised me the clock at the park said 7pm. I was supposed to be home at 7:15. I started to panic. I ran with a burst of speed to my house I stated to run on the sidewalk but didn't run at my full speed because I knew that I needed to pace myself.As I reached the turning into his house I saw a truck carrying chemicals. One of the chemicals fell of the truck and landed on me. I blacked out I just felt some hot extremely pain. I woke up and the next thing I saw was a white ceiling. I was lying in the hospital. The doctor came from nowhere and said its about time that you woke up. I replied asking him what happened to me. He didn't say a thing. I felt no difference. My mind was alright. Then the doctor said instead of the chemicals killing you it has given you some super powers which you cannot imagine.I stood there like shell shock. I was really perplex. I replied saying are you sure about this. The doctor gave me a nod and then I asked him what kind of super powers do I have. Strangely he replied that is for you to find out. I went out of the hospital with my parents still wondering what kind of superpowers does our son have.Well I demonstrated a few of my powers when we were coming back. When we were walking out of the park. A black dressed thief came up to my mum and snatched her handbag. I decided to go chase the thief even though he was going at a really fast speed which I could not outrun but I was mistaken. As I started to run I found out I was running as...

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Did the 1920s really roar? Some call the 1920s "The Roaring 20s". In this essay we will talk about some factors that prove the 1920s was a time of prosperity in Canada.

676 words - 3 pages invention of the assembly line was also a big success as it made production much more cheaper and faster. But this also meant that the people who assembled the vehicles would be fired, therefore not all inventions are all beneficial which mean sacrifices must be made. The world also benefited from this time when Frederick Banting from Toronto discovered insulin which would help a lot of people in the present as well as in the future. In the end

I gave this as a speech a little while ago. It is about Saddam Hussein's trial

581 words - 2 pages hopefully reflect on all the misery and pain that he hadinflicted on others. I can't see death as an answer. Death can make a person a martyr, or perhaps simply forgotten, but if it will help progress the Iraqi nation to a stable society then maybe it could be a symbol of a new order that puts the past behind it and looks forward to a better future. For this reason, perhaps it is the most appropriate conviction.What I find interesting is that Saddam Hussein is going to be tried by his countrymen when his counterpart Slobodan Milosevic was not tried by the people he treated so badly. Can we say that this will be a fair trial? Who knows? Only time and history will tell.

This is a journal essay i did in psychology on adolescent depression and risk factors.

688 words - 3 pages Adolescent Depression And Risk FactorsAdolescent Depression And Risk FactorsDepression is a disease that afflicts the human psyche in such a way that the afflicted act and reach abnormally toward others and themselves. Therefore it comes to no surprise to discover that adolescent depression is strongly linked to teen suicide. It is now responsible for more deaths in youth aged 15 to 19 than cardiovascular disease or cancer. Despite this

The Historical Impact of the Black Plague. Extensive research. Unfortunately, I wrote this ages ago and the bibliography has been lost to the sands of time.

1687 words - 7 pages . Indeed, one who didn't see such horribleness can be called blessed..." All of Europe felt as he did, as the tomb sculptures, paintings, and poetry from that period show.Tomb sculptures became very morbid at this time. These monuments, which had earlier depicted a lord in his armor and wearing his sword and shield, now frequently displayed a worm-riddled corpse wearing rags with parts of the skeleton visible. Paintings took a similar turn: the danse

"A Wrinkle in Time" Essay.

964 words - 4 pages "A Wrinkle In Time" is an example of great American literature. It is a plot-based novel with something always happening while an obstacle is standing in the way. Most of the conflict occurring in this book is person versus self and person versus supernatural. A certain aspect that is very prevalent in this book is love. This love takes the characters on the trip of a lifetime, for the sole purpose of finding her father. This love in the

Beware of the Long Load Time Problem when You Buy a Website

708 words - 3 pages Buying a Website? Beware of the Long Load Time Problem Numerous studies have show that, while most web designers use fast internet connections, the majority of their audience still use comparatively slower connections. Because of this, many designers create web pages that may load quickly enough on their own computers, but take excessively long to load on their audiences' computers. Many web designers have not dealt with this issue on their

Everlasting Memories of a Time Long Past "The Man in the Black Suit" by Stephen King

1214 words - 5 pages him for the rest of his life.Gary is seen as both an old man, and a young boy in this story. He stated that his childhood terrors should be long forgotten at his old age. Yet, as the years passed on, the clearer his encounter with the Devil became. At a young age, Gary was the typical farm boy of the early 1900’s. He had chores to do around the farm, and did his share around the house. When all the day’s work was finished around the

This essay is about a Magical Eraser. Great for a philisophical essay, or if you have one of "Thoes Teachers" That are contemplating the universe all the time.

692 words - 3 pages dimensional level. Your brain is your soul. Still affected by what you eat, and sensitive to vibrations, in touch with the 3d world. So, there are also ways of training your brain, or enhancing its waves. By means of what you call an eraser. Not every eraser has this capability of strengthening ESP waves, just few ones, made of pure rubber. When these erasers were being made in the 21st centaury, scientists did not notice a reaction within the

"In Loving Memory" I wrote this essay not long after my step dad hit a semi head on and was paralyzed. He died a few months after I wrote this.

1082 words - 4 pages the world was wrapped around our finger tips. There was no way in the world this could be happening. Thousands of questions were flashing through my mind. How did this happen? What condition is she in? Is she going to live?I was crying hysterically when I got a call from the state police telling me Mary was being flown, by helicopter, to Beaumont Hospital. I gathered my things as quickly as possible and drove to the hospital. When I got there, she

This is a reaction paper i did for my speech class and the purpose was to inform someone about a time in my life that really affected me. there is no title for it. enjoy :D

664 words - 3 pages Someone once said, Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will. Have you ever been with someone that you loved so much, only to see them being pulled away not because they want to, but because they had too? I did and I regret ever experiencing it. My purpose for this essay is to inform you on that heart wrenching day when I lost

Essay Question: Discuss at least three reasons that you feel best explain why the Cold War began, how it affected the peoples of the world, and why it lasted for such a long time.

1396 words - 6 pages There were many factors that caused the Cold War be set in motion, however most of these factors can be generalised into a common mistrust between the two superpowers that had emerged at the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States of America.One of the main reasons was that there were huge differences in the way that the East and West were led and the disagreements about this point. The West was a democratic state, while the

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1166 words - 5 pages more popular due to the accessibility of buying a digital camera and ease of filming and editing a movie more efficiently. Since the early 21st century, film experts and makers alike have started a industry war on whether or not film should be shot and release digitally or should stay in a tradition made more than a century ago. With past equipment being a modern burden, theaters embracing the current technology time have provided them, and many

Title: A Duplicitous Slaughter. I Was One Mark Off Getting An A+ For This Essay About 2 Months Ago.

1837 words - 7 pages are just two core characters who constantly switch between reality and their `masks of dishonesty'. A rank and gross...unweeded garden is the only suitable way for the young Prince to explain his situation at the start of the play. His poor father's body now forgotten and his mother married to a satyr, Hamlet's emotions of grief, thy knighted colour and anger, impious stubbornness are thus contrasted. This is due to his mixed

This Is A Long Extended Essay On The Canadian Pacific Railway In The 1800's And Its Affect On The Political And Social Growth Of Canada During This Time.

1270 words - 5 pages primary reason for a higher employment rate, higher federal profit and expansion into the West. The CPR was the largest railroad in the world in its time and with a project this large, a massive amount of people were needed. With the high need, came more immigrants, most of who were seeking a better lifestyle in which they could find well-paying jobs and provide better lives for themselves and their families, which was just the thing that the CPR

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2020 words - 8 pages writer's opinion, the way the computer era has gone this far, an increase in salary won't be anything new even before the year 2005.To go on, in a magazine article, (Time 20 January 1997 56-61) one writer writes that "... the frontier is going from manufacturing to services and technology..." "...because of the revolution that has been underway since the 1960's, technology is constantly accelerating and creating an abundance of job opportunities