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While the topic of our countries future status continues to unfold we will now take a brief look into developments in our nations military. In the article, “The Future of U.S Military Power,” it states that, “the capabilities of the U.S. military have not changed much but Washington’s ability to use them has.”(Military Power 1) The gist of the article states numerous ways that our country is developing militarily. For example the F-16 which began as a dogfighting Aircraft can do so much more now. This is just one of the many examples the book uses for the growth of the power of our military. Other countries remain a concern for the U.S. because of their growing military capabilities. The U.S has to learn how to maximize value of its troops and resources. The possibility of using forces to fight over land is now considerably greater. The United states faces some concerns in East Asia. This is a region where the Chinese military has put a lot of money into ballistic missiles and attack submarines. Long ranged, stealthy, unmanned bombers will take a lot of time to develop but are currently being worked on by our nations military. Just look at all the fighter bots we have used in Iraq and Afghanistan. This article seems to indicate even though China is a friendly neighbor economically, that their growing powers militarily remain a concern for the U.S. It answers two key questions and gives us an in depth look at the future of our nations military and all of the technological advances that are taking place with our nations military. It states that we are still the Sole Superpower of the world militarily but that technological advances in other countries militarily remain a concern. This is very important.
The future of the U.S military is very important, but what changes are going on in the Economy? What are we doing as a country to develop? This book, “Software, Growth, and The Future of the U.S. Economy: Report of a Symposium,” talks about the “New Economy.” This is a change to the U.S economy as businesses and people capitalize on new technologies, new opportunities, and national investments in the ways these companies communicate with each other. Growing use of the term “New Economy” signifies the growth of the U.S Economy through technology. Businesses and countries are able to compete and trade with the U.S unlike ever before. Software is very important when it comes to change.
The U.S economy is highly dependent upon software for trade. “Software is increasingly an integral part of most goods and services.” (Future of U.S. 37) The development of semiconductor technology is very conducive, the growth of capacity on memory chips and on logic chips, these are the basic hardware components for computers and for communications equipment as well. These are very important developments for the U.S. and businesses for them to be able to store more information regarding trade on more powerful computers allow businesses to utilize much more power when...

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