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Supervisor Training Program Essay

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Supervisor Training Program
The Supervisor Training Program is a necessity that this company has. Since we are rapidly expanding, we have more people that we must integrate into our company. These people need to be introduced to our culture and be trained on the things that are needed to make this company successful. In the past, we have sent our supervisors to public seminars and conferences. However, now we have the opportunity to develop a program that helps our supervisors to continue to grow and improve. This program will help management throughout this company build a culture based on engagement, empowerment, and innovation. The program will be learner centered instead of event ...view middle of the document...

Together the company and employee can create an action plan. This program can assist those motivated employees in furthering their development.
Learner-Centered vs. Event Driven
The supervisor training program will be a learner centered program, instead of even driven like it has been in the past. When we sent out supervisors to public seminars and conferences it was more about attending the event. Employees were more concerned about the conference or seminar than the information being presented in it. This method was also a lot more costly. Hosting this event in house will also cut costs and save the company money. The training will be held in house which will eliminate those employees who just go for the event. This year the importance of the retention of the information will be emphasized. In the training, supervisors will learn about the organizational culture. This can make a difference in the decisions that are made by management. Soft skills will be an important part of the training. This can help supervisors with conflict resolution and communicating to their subordinates. Process and procedures must be learned as well. Creating budgets and writing performance evaluations are important aspects of the supervisory role. The information learned in this training program will be taught using a variety of methodologies.
A variety of learning methods should be used in the supervisor training. Everyone learns differently and by incorporating different learning methods the chances of the information being retained increase. “A mix of methods can actively engage trainees in learning and can help transfer of training to occur” (Noe, 2013). Presentation methods such as lecture and audiovisual would be used in the supervisor training program. The presentation method will benefit those who audio or visual learners. This method would best be used in our training program to explain the organization culture. The information about the organization can be but into a slide show that includes pictures and video. The loss of attention is a large issue that we may encounter when implementing this method. Trainees may get bored with the information and lose interest in listening to the trainer lecture. This issue can be overcome by adding breaks throughout the presentation. If trainees have the ability to stretch and take a break when they come back they are more likely to be focused again. Engaging with the trainees throughout the presentation can also make a difference in the interaction during the presentation and help them refocus if they get bored.
Simulations, role plays, behavior modeling, and business...

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