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In any school, student learning is the ultimate goal and the focus of an effective learning community. In today’s society, the education system is called upon to teach all students at high levels. It has been established through significant research that teachers have a high impact on student learning, according to the RAND Corporation, “research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter most. When it comes to student performance on reading and math tests, a teacher is estimated to have two to three times the impact of any other school factor, including services, facilities, and even leadership.”
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Ideally, individual teachers and the schools where they work have a mutually beneficial vision and are working positively together. For this to happen there must be systematic communication and clear goals based on the mission of the school. It would follow that the stakeholders base the evaluation system on such goals and develop teacher roles and responsibilities that support them including both standards of performance and expectations. Ideally, a school community would allow for collaboration in developing an evaluation plan, provide opportunity for skill development, focus on improved performance, and establish checks and balances within such a system.
To be effective in there must be a duo focus on both the teachers’ needs and the organization’s needs. Accountability and personnel growth are equality important for all professionals within the learning community. Therefore teacher supervision and evaluation systems must be grounded in trust and focused on the developmental needs of the individuals and the school -- accomplishing goals and working toward continuous improvement.

To ensure this, administrative leaders must be able to articulate the vision and work to match that with what is going on in the school. First, as educational leaders it is important that they participate in and support professional learning communities that are focused on collaborative curriculum planning and data driven instruction. By conducting short classroom visits followed by one-on-one feedback...

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