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Supper Bad Essay

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High school is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life. For some those memories are full with excitement, happiness, and joy. For others it ends up being a stressful and a hormonal rollercoaster of a nightmare that they wish they could forget. And of course, there are always those stuck in between, who just float on by through their 4 years, whether going unnoticed or just sticking close to the shadows instead of the limelight. This dynamic can be broken down between social classes within the high school scenes, using jocks, class clowns, trouble makers, and the Hollywood favorite, geeks. Movies such as Revenge of the Nerds, the Social Network, and Super Bad have shed light on these clever misfits who make you question the amount of attention we all gave them during school. For this essay I will analyze the social class within the movie Super Bad and describe what high school was like for the “Super” trio of Seth, Evan, and, Fogell, through the focus of 3 main lenses: Friends; Social Experience; and Sexual Experience.
Super Bad is a movie about three high school seniors who come to realize their 4 years of high school are about to end and they didn’t accomplish anything to move up their social class. To begin with, they’re only friends are each other and all three are geeks who get picked on by jocks and class clowns. Neither of the three are abled athletes, so their only way to move up in social class would be to try to be portrayed as fun class clowns that everyone loves and looks at as being popular. An opportunity for this arises when Seth is invited to a party by his crush, Jules who happens to be friends with the popular crowd. Seth promises Jules he will supply her party with alcohol since he knew his friend Fogel was getting a fake ID later that day. In that instance, Seth and his friends become hopeful heroes to the popular crowd of jocks and clowns who were all too excited for a night of underage drinking at Jule’s house. This is one example that having friends can determine what social class you are labeled as in high school. When it was just Seth, Evan, and Fogel, they were bottom of the barrel, but Seth befriending Jules literally moved the group up a notch even if it wasn’t for the right reasons.
The next aspect of Social Class becomes the Social Experience that a high school student goes through. When it comes to jocks, they have the experience of...

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