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My mother and aunt started a business called Art d’China years ago before my birth. They import porcelain, crystal, stainless steel and glass tableware from China to Peru, primarily for use in hotels and fine restaurants. I grew up listening to their conversations with my uncle, who runs his business since the last 20 years, about the state of the Peruvian economy, possible profit earnings, and whether or not a given restaurant would be a suitable client for their product. They took into consideration factors such as the quality and type of food being served at exclusive Peruvian restaurants in order to determine which types of plates to import. I was fascinated listening to their different business strategies; although I do not plan on being a part of their business, I would like to take advantage of Peru’s current booming economy. I intend to start up something of my own or work in an upcoming industry that seeks to establish itself more firmly in the Peruvian market.

I plan on getting my B.S. in Economics. I am interested in concentrating in Finance and Marketing and Operations Management, and am glad Wharton allows students to focus on several topics in depth throughout their undergraduate studies. Currently, I am taking the IB Business and Management online course that connects students from around the world to work on projects as a team. The outstanding show of teamwork has inspired and confirmed my interest in working in the business world, which requires much collaboration and cultural sensitivity in today’s global economy.

Wharton’s focus on research is another important factor to consider. My IB Extended Essay is on “To What Extent Has the Marketing Strategy of Starbucks in China Been A Model of Growth for Companies Worldwide”. I discovered that whether Starbucks would be successful in introducing coffee to a tea culture was initially highly questionable, but in the end, they were...

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629 words - 3 pages paraphrase is “Immanuel Kant declared that you cannot do biology without thinking in terms of function or final cause (para 1,Ruse)”. Using quotes like the one in the previous sentence gives this essay creditability because it shows that information was brought in to supplement the point being made. All these combine to make a degree of creditability for this essay. The conclusion reached in this essay is that natural selection solves the problem of

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