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Supply And Demand For The Pors

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The Porsche Boxter Unveiled in February 1996 at a low-profile motor show in Hamburg, the Porsche Boxter was not born on a computer screen or in a focus group, but in the hearts, minds and imaginations of a small band of engineers with a passion for driving.Many were surprised when Porsche unveiled its new sports car, but later they realised that this was no ordinary car, it was special. Ever since the first display of the prototype, the Boxter received massive hype from the press, many reporters saying it could be the greatest car in Porsches entire production history.Upon its first display in Britain, the Boxter caught the imaginations of many. A relatively cheap sports car when in comparison with the Italian models, Lamborghini and Ferrari, yet still powerful, beautiful, and phenomenally safe.When the Boxter was first released, it was clear who would provide the market competitors. BMW's Z3 Roadster had also received much newspaper coverage, and had a flash advertising scam. The Lotus Elise was already established as a great sports car, and the MGF, with a true tradition in sports car making, much like Porsche. And also the Honda NSX. The basic Boxter model did amazingly well on the market; at first having a waiting list, mainly due to the fully customisable interior and exterior. 78 different metallic paints and 48 different leathers brought about the main available choices to customers. The Porsche Boxter S, at $6000 greater expense, still has a 2-year waiting list.Despite the great profile the Boxter was building, Porsche decided not to invest into international advertising, and instead adopted a direct mail system in each of its countries of sale. Thus the only people really targeted, were those who had purchased a Porsche automobile previously. Thus they created a hungry target market; also giving away free test-drives throughout Europe.The Boxter's price was its main advantage. It was said that by pricing the car exactly right Porsche executives had cornerstoned the market. The Boxter S was cunningly underpriced, so that when it was actually purchased, it would rise in value. Thus the demand...

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