Supply And Demand Of Rental Apartments Simulation

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This paper examines the economic factor at work in supply and demand of rental apartments in the city of Atlantis. Acting as the property manager for GoodLife Management in Atlantis, the simulation asks the user to make pricing and supply decisions based on changes in the market. Changes in price, population, average salaries, tastes, and government regulations all affect the market in a number of ways.Decisions affected by Changes in Supply and DemandThe first decision is what price to set the monthly rental at to maximize revenue and lower vacancies to as low as possible. Lowering the rent by about 200 hundred dollars lowered the vacancy rate down to 5% and increased revenue by about $100,000. The manager achieved this because of the inversely proportional relationship of price to quantity demanded. He rented more apartments as the price went down.The next two scenarios ask the manager to determine what price at which he would be willing to rent out 2500 apartments. The shape of the supply curve determined that GoodLife Management would be willing to supply 2500 apartments at $1550. They would need to charge that much to cover escalating incremental costs. This would be problematic, however, because the demand for apartments is much lower at that price. The intersection, or equilibrium, of the two curves suggests a price of $1050 at which the quality demanded would be 2000 apartments.When Lintech Inc. moved its operations in to Atlantis, the demand for rental apartments increased, shifting the demand curve to the right, and supply remained unchanged. GoodLife increased the price of their apartments to $1400 in order to balance the demand for their apartments to the price at which they were willing to supply them economically. At this rate, they were able to lease 2350 apartments.When Lintech increased their salaries, more people were able to afford to purchase homes, which led to a shift in the demand for rental apartments to the left. The lower demand forced GoodLife to lower rental prices to $1300 in order to increase the quantity of apartments demanded. At this rate, they were able to lease 2250 apartments.As demand for rental apartments continued to decline, GoodLife sold some apartments as condominiums; thus reducing supply. Demand has shifted further to the left and the decrease in supply shifted the supply curve to the left as well. By creating a shortage in the...

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1104 words - 4 pages can not be adjusted to make up for the short supply. At $1,550 per month 2,275 apartments can be rented but there is still a shortage of 875 apartments.Four Key PointsThere are four key points from the reading in this simulation. The first is how Supply and Demand dictated the fluctuation of rental prices. The second is how equilibrium exists when the quantity demanded equals the quantity demanded. The third point is that supply and demand change

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1067 words - 4 pages 2000. In economic terms this is considered and equilibrium of quantity demanded and quantity supplied. With this in place the apartment rental rate would be at $1050.00 a month.The fourth scenario describes a change in the supply curve and demand curve of the rental of the two-bedroom apartments the change in the demand curve will shift to the right and the movement on the supply curve will be upward sloping and to the right. This needs to take

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1034 words - 4 pages to see how changes in the balance affected the choices I made for Goodlife. The first time I completed the simulation I did not think logically and failed miserably. I wanted the company to give the residents a break but tat caused the company to loose money. The second time I was better able to see how supply and demand worked together to supply a need to the community in the form of rental apartments while also making money for he company.Key

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1195 words - 5 pages . A decision has to be made as to which would be more cost effective, profit or occupancy. In the simulation, adjusting the rental rate and the quantity supplied changes the level of supply or level of demand accordingly. When potential renters increase the quantity that is demanded, the property managers at Good Life Management must increase the quantity of two-bedroom apartments that they are supplying. When this happens, the demand curve shifts

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1221 words - 5 pages with the demand curve, supply curve, equilibrium, and price ceiling. The simulation begins by introducing the user to the fictional town, Atlantis. In the simulation, the user plays the part of Property Manager of GoodLife Management in Atlantis. GoodLife Management manages seven apartment complexes in Atlantis and it is the Property Manager's duty to adjust the monthly rental rate of two-bed rental apartments and the quantity of apartments

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867 words - 3 pages place. While the attached article was written before the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001, it does make an excellent case of what is happening now, albeit, in reverse. Supply and demand, as it relates to the rental car market, is a constantly changing entity. The demand for rental vehicles will vary depending on many factors: holidays, local events, season and others. Likewise, the supply of vehicles is affected by many factors

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1389 words - 6 pages affected the supply and demand was Susan's request to have a zero percent vacancy rate. Hal rebutted that this was neither feasible nor profitable because of the increase in the cost of maintenance on each additional apartments. Hal suggested leasing out more apartments at a higher rental rate to help cover the maintenance costs. To make a profit on leasing the 2500 apartments, the rental rate would need to be increased to $1550. The supply curve would