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Supply Chain Essay

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IntroductionThe supply chain of companies is every position of the company from design, promote and market which assist the company in that product. It was originally developed to reduce costs. Two of the most important factors to create a successful supply chain are communication and quick response. Using the Web is important step in great communication enhancement.Our paper will describe the brick and mortar environment of Kia, Ford and Infinit as well as modifications made using the Internet.KiaKia public Internet site went live in the late 1990's when Internet usage was exploding. The Kia's global network has flashy advertisement and many links to direct the consumer to the distributor or dealer that is located closest to the purchaser. The U.S. subsidiary, Kia Motors America's website is considerably milder compared to their parent company's global sit. However it serves the purpose it was intended by providing crisp pictures and stunning videos which deliver to the consumer the hook that will capture their attention. Kia's site provides quick links to their dealerships from almost every page. The dealership page provides choices of all surrounding dealerships. It also provides the dealership's email address, website, and driving directions. Leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to get the buyers to the product ( it comes to the Ford Motor Company, Ford associates with customers and clients on both a brick and mortar type environment and an internet based informational website. A customer can access the webpage of Ford and perform many functions, and tasks, but at the end of the Day, Ford's main goal as a company is to sell a vehicle and make a lifelong customer. To do this however, a customer must still make their way to the Ford dealership lot and meet their cliental on a face-to-face personal level.The web-page in a sense can be thought of as more as a lure to attract a customer to wanting to visit the dealership and purchase the vehicle. The Ford webpage has a build your own car feature which allows a customer to customize their vehicle with different specifications and options. It also allows one toget approved for financing, and request the vehicle for purchase. The automobile selected will still be shipped...

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2838 words - 11 pages become extremely important. Manufacturers are now actively engaged in, managing their costs, Research and Development, adopting best procurement strategies, among other Actions. While such actions might eventually lead to positive results, additional business value can be achieved through proper management of the supply chain (Waymer, Ivanaj & Mussa 2009; Krivda 2004). To support this assertion Krivda (2004) cites the findings of AMR Research Inc

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1034 words - 4 pages from the fire for the first time publicly, its shares tumbled 14% in just hours” (Latour 2001). How is the severity of a supply chain disruption defined? An unplanned event slows down the flow (inbound/outbound) of products. The Phillip Semiconductor plant’s inability to ship conductors reduced Nokia and Ericsson’s ability to produce, distribute and sell products. In today’s business world, organizations frequently face difficult operating

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