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Supply Chain Management In The Service Sector

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Services touch the lives of each person everyday in a wide range of commercial and public sectors. Service delivery and associated management are becoming being concerned the most important elements for all service organizations in different service sectors. Besides, focusing on the customer and serving his or her needs has always been an important daily activity for service providers. A Supermarket is that retail companies which most of people come into contact quite frequently in their lives. It provides Business-to-customer service which means individuals purchase for themselves or on behalf of another individual, and it tries to provide consistent service for individual in a wide variety (Johnston R. 2005).Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc founded by William Morrison in 1899, and it has become the UK's 4th largest supermarket chain since 2004. According to the data that There were more than 370 Morrisons stores across the UK, welcoming around 9 million shoppers each week in the end of 2005. Services, however, are largely experiential and each person always has a limitless appetite for them. This paper is organized into four parts: the first section will introduce the service concept of Morrisons; The second section will introduce the unfocused service operations in Morrisons and some pieces of idea for its future improvement; The third section will analyze how Morrisons deals with personal relationships with the final section concerning about the gaps of service quality between Morrisons delivery and customers' expectations.2.The service concept of MorrisonsMorrisons started from just a Bradford market stall, experienced expanding beyond Bradford and going nationwide until standing the 4th largest supermarket in UK. It can be said that Morrisons is experiencing a significant change. The service concept can be broadly described as the set of competitive priorities that the target market values (Metters, Richard D. 2006). Moreover, service concept represents the nature of the service providing. It should not only guide employees what to deliver and how to deliver, but also help marketing makes sense what to offer to the marketplace (Johnston R. 2005). Furthermore, there are some key elements exist in service, namely service experience, service outcome and service value. Service experience is the customer's direct experience of the service process and concerns which the service provider offers to customers, including customer-facing staff, organization and facilities. However, it should be noted that experiences are not always positive, they maybe intentionally negative or emotionally upsetting. What is more, in most cases, the customer's experience of the organization as a whole will start before exact receiving the service, due to existing customers' activities. Service outcome is set to describe the result for the customer of service delivery. It contains both tangible and intangible outputs, for instance, emotion and judgement. Thus, it can be...

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