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Support Children Receive From Practitioners In The Transition From Nursery To Reception Class In School

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Area of Chosen Focus for Level 6 Research Project.
The area of focus for this research project is on the support children receive from practitioners during transition from nursery to reception class in school. This transition in particular is usually passed over as a horizontal transition “these types of transition often involve frequent changes between settings within relatively short time frames” (Fabian and Dunlop, 2007, p.35.) Because for many children the transition happens within the same setting, as a consequence has led to minimum research into this area. In contrast most research is focused on the transitions for children entering into Key Stage One a year later “transition needs planning for over time, if the needs of all concerned are to be fully met.” (Fisher, 2010, p.44). Nevertheless the nursery to reception transition is an emotionally and socially traumatic time for children who are still developing. Fabian and Dunlop (2007, p.3) support this “transfer between phases of education or school, both socially and academically can be a critical factor in determining children’s future progress and development”. Due to the nature of the transition children require certain support from the practitioners socially and emotional making this research worthwhile investigation into practice. Allingham (2011, p.7) promotes that practice that focuses sole on curricular target loses sight of how it impacts on the child.

Proposed Title of the Research Project. (RT)
The research project title is; How does stakeholders practice provide support socially and emotionally to children in their transition from nursery to reception class.

Proposed Research Questions (RQ).
“Qualitative researchers avoid going into a study with hypotheses to test or specific question to answer” (Bogdan and Biklen, 2006, p.58) however I have formulated set of research questions to provide a basis “the study itself structures the research.” (Bogdan and Biklen, 2006, p.58).
1. What are the effects of the transitioning process?

2. What support is provided by stakeholders before, during and after the transition?

3. How does the stakeholder provide support to children socially and emotionally?

4. Is there any differentiation in practice when support a child?

Identify Three Key Texts Relating to Research Area.
Supporting Transition in the Early Years, by author Liz Brooker. Brooker favours bronfenburner ecological model theory to specifically inter-link various aspects of a child’s life, relationship, environment, situation and experiences and how they affect child transition. (2008, pp.16-21.) This is useful as it gives a whole view of transitioning and how it is linked with children social and emotional development. Brooker also presents different perspectives of transitioning and links finding from the UK and other countries to provide practical suggestions in supporting children.
Informing transitions in the early years, by author Fabian and Dunlop “addresses...

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