Support For Cloning And Other Genetic Practices

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Should cloning be supported or banned? Well it certainly has its high points. There are amazing things to be had from cloning that range from spare organs for sick patients all the way to genetically cloned children for those who can bare none. While some things are frowned upon the benefits cannot be ignored. Cloning could change what we know only as the “Human Condition,” but maybe that is not a bad thing. You could change the genetic makeup of a person and take away the things that hinder them like dyslexia or something more severe such as deformities. If you could clone the eyes for a patient to see for the first time, or a heart for another, how could you justify banning such a thing?
I’m a Christian and I can see where this may be a perversion of God’s creation, but I have to agree fully that this is something that should be supported. There are many more advantages to this than there are disadvantages. One disadvantage is that the aging process may be accelerated or decelerated for the tissue of the clone. An advantage would be the numerous medical situations such as getting organs for donors and skin for burn victims. This is a huge margin when it comes to pros and cons. Which could mean this practice should be viewed with hopeful eyes and not ones filled with judgment and condemnation.
To support this stance information will be brought to light on the opinions of those in the field of genetics and cloning. They alone are the only people who are qualified to say what this research is capable of, and where the line should be drawn if at all. In this essay will be a number of books written by scientists with a certain view on cloning, one such book is “Clone: The Road To Dolly, And The Path Ahead” written by Gina Kolata, and “Who’s Afraid of Human Cloning” written by Gregory E. Pence. Gina’s book tells of the first ever cloned mammal know as Dolly a sheep that was successfully cloned from the udder cell of a six year old sheep and an egg. Gregory’s book is mostly about the good of cloning specifically nuclear somatic transfer. In both books they mention of the first ever cloned mammal a sheep by the name of Dolly. So far Dolly proves that cloning is possible for mammals and soon after maybe even humans.
For my research methods these books will be read and cited for few passages that are relevant. Any and all information will be explained, as many different points of views are taken, whether those views are good or bad will be determined. Although most are not really qualified to judge or claim anything for or against cloning these points will be made as clear and precise as possible. The knowledge of cloning is limited to the books cited and some might be taken out of context, but it will be used properly and with respect of the writer. Hopefully by the end of this paper many will have been enlightened.
When it comes to cloning it can be a touchy subject, but for those who are qualified they can do wonders with such advancements. One...

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