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Support Groups for Weight LossKandis ClarkColumbia CollegeAbstractLoosing weight with a group has far more effects on loosing weight then loosing it own your own. This paper explores the success of weight loss when associated with different types of weight loss support communities. It compares the differences between commercial and health service weight loss support groups and how to pick which one will work best for you. Also, how effective of support from an employer can have on loosing weight. Or how about once you loose the weight, how it's beneficial in maintaing that support to keep the weight off. Wanting to loose weight is up to the individual, but sometimes there needs to be outside motivation to push you through your weight loss goals. Support Groups for Weight LossMillions of Americans struggle with their weight everyday. From different diet and exercise plans to costly weight loss surgery, people suffer in loosing and keeping off their weight. Sometimes it's just hard for a person to conquer loosing wight by themselves and look for outside help for their weight loss journey. There are many types of weight loss support groups that educate and guide you to a healthier lifestyle. They are available at your job, online, at a fitness facility, or simply in your neighborhood. Having that emotional support and encouragement of a weight loss support group is a valuable resource when trying to loose weight. How effective the support groups are in getting people to loose the weight may be due to the way the help is presented. Leadership, goals, available resources, and knowledge are factors that leads to successful weight loss from the participants looking for weight loss support.Weight Watchers is ranked one of the number one weight loss diet plans according to the U.S. News & World Report, according to the article on Weight Watchers online. ( Hurn, 2013) Weight Watchers and many other commercial type weight loss support systems are valuable with the mass knowledge and tools that helps people succeed in their weight loss goals. CEO of Weight Watchers, David Kirchhoff (Hurn, 2013) said:An overwhelming amount of scientific evidence suggests that the most effective path to weight loss is one that goes beyond merely counting calories to include behavior change that includes things like group support, self-monitoring, use of digital tools and implementation of lifestyle changes. ("Weight Watchers Ranked "1,") With access to online support help, a person has multiple of resources that will give them the tools in loosing weight. Using the social cognitive theory, you can change the behavior of achieving weight loss by altering a persons environmental and personal factors. ( Collins, 2010, p. 3 ) Once you are aware of what needs to be changed to be able to obtain weight loss, you can turn to a online community to gain:...

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