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Supporting International Students Essay

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As the work of student affairs unfolded in the history of American colleges and universities, deans of students were active participants in the educational mission, charged first with campus discipline as an extension of the office of the president, then later with overcoming the damaging separation of nineteenth-century student life from the educational enterprise of the campus (Jackson, 2011). With the increasing prevalence of international students, it is necessary for student affairs professionals to be aware of the needs of these students. This requires that programming activities and policies be created to make sure the students are served. My goal with this paper is to make students and professionals aware of the differences between international Chinese students and Chinese American students. This subtle difference will aid professionals in assisting this population of students. In order to successfully create these programs, understanding of the differences and thinking from a multicultural perspective becomes integral and necessary. Gargeis (2012) states that there is a global demand for higher education to increase internationally mobile students. While the United States has more international students than most countries that population only makes up 3.4 percent of the total population while in Australia international students comprise 20.6 percent. Arguing that international students increase cultural experience for domestic students, Gargeis (2012) believes that study abroad programs not only help those students traveling but those in the host country as well.
A 2012 USA Today report stated that he number of international students enrolled in U.S. colleges jumped 6% to about 764,495 in 2011 (). They attributed this rise to increasing numbers of students from China and Saudi Arabia. In contrast, the number of U.S. students studying abroad only increased by 1.3%. Student Affairs professionals will need to be prepared to assist these students that are starkly different from American college students (). In contrast students in us 57% of colleges offered distance education courses national center for education statistics 2003. China remains the top country for international students in U.S. colleges and universities. In 2011, China sent 194 ,029, which was up 23% from the previous year (). Higher education is becoming globally diverse and with China becoming one of the major influencers in society, student affairs professionals will need to learn how to address the issues that these students will face as they transition from one societal norm to another.
International students attending colleges and universities in the United States often experience stressors slightly different from American Students. These stressors include language barriers, housing concerns, discriminatory attitudes, and immigration status issues. These are in addition to normal collegiate stresses. Researchers postulate that research suggests that international...

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