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Supporting Israel Essay

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**It is perfectly acceptable to criticize Israel’s policies. Israelis do it all the time in blistering debates, but criticism turns into classic anti-Semitism, according to Stand with Us and Christians United for Israel in the magazine Israel 101, when it exhibits the Three Ds of anti-Semitism Delegitimization, Double Standards, and Demonization. “Delegitimization: The Jewish State has no right to exist. Israelis do not belong in the Middle East. Double Standards: Israel is condemned harshly for self-defense measures and social problems that are seen as acceptable or inevitable in other nations. Demonization: Through distortions and lies, Israel is depicted as the world’s most evil and dangerous country, and the claim is made that if the Jewish State ceased to exist, the middle east’s and the world’s problems would be solved” (Israel 101, 39). In a poll taken in 2007 from citizens of 15 countries in the European Union (EU), it was found that as a country, Israel posed a greater threat to world peace followed by Iran, North Korea, and the United States (Simon 154-55). Even to all this opposition, Christian Zionism is in support of Israel.
Zion is an “age old” name for Jerusalem and the land of Israel. Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people “who sought to restore their freedom and independence in their ancestral land” (Israel 101, 4). The Zionist movement is based on the idea that the Jewish people have a “historical and spiritual claim to the land of Israel” (Issitt 1). At first it was just a dream but they adapted and began to work for it. Zionist believed that if they reunited the scattered Jews and reunited them with the ones already in Israel, freedom would be restored- they could live free of prejudice and further develop their culture.
Christian support for Zionism is quite widespread. “Christian Zionism is an ideology with Christian roots” (Schoeni 23) says Mark Schoeni in the article The Roots of Christian Zionism. In the nineteenth century there was a movement in Britain to re-examine the Bible, and uncover the literal meaning of verses. The final verdict of the movement was that Israel was no longer “repudiated” by God, rather, they were still blessed by and special to God. This new view of Israel caused for the church to join together and form a political lobbying group representing the fundamental values of Christians called the Moral Majority in the late 1970’s explains Daniel Friedman in Christian Zionism and its Impact on Foreign Policy. One belief that became a core issue for the Moral Majority was the State of Israel. Even though the Moral Majority had to close down, they were the pioneers to the creating of Christian Zionist groups today with the same core ideology.
Currently, there are multiple organizations that Support the State of Israel. Most are Christian organizations or have biblical roots. First there Christians United For Israel commonly referred to as CUFI. The purpose of CUFI is to...

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