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Supporting School Uniforms Essay

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Socialization and You: Students in Uniform
Uniforms have helped develop many children socially into the people they are today. Presented in argument form is how the role expectations, social control, and values of being in uniform have helped me succeed. Being in school uniforms at an early age has centralized me to this idea. High school was the first time without being in uniform for me. It was a culture shock. People made fun of what you wore some days, or would look at you wrong. You were no longer on the same level as your peers. It was difficult to fathom for me. Uniforms have their own subculture and are an excellent idea.
"The uniform dress required of all students is one of the most important features of the college. It insures economy, democracy, and equality of opportunity"(Bodine) School uniforms are beneficial because students do not feel self-conscious about what they wear, feel comfortable with their financial status, and perform better academically. The school uniform is the single-most visible element of any school. Children in school uniform are walking advertisements for a school, giving an impression of the school whether it is good or for bad. Uniforms were originally thought to be an accurate reflection of a school's discipline standards and discipline. In England’s small towns, it was proof that the school had structure and could function (School Uniform). Although England originated the idea of school uniforms, America and many other places adapted
to this idea very quickly. School is a second home for children and one needs to feel comfortable in that setting. “About a third of the day is spent at school and about half of a child's waking hours”(School Uniform).
With a need for comfort in the school environment, a main issue needs to be decreased. School violence is always brought to mind. By having children all wear school uniforms, it implements in their mind that they are all part of the same “team”. By wearing a school uniform, one is not apt to get made fun of. Everyone is in the same apparel and can’t scrutinize any part of another child’s outfit. By feeling that everyone is the same, that is one less worry on a child’s mind. This leaves more room for educational worries rather than individual ones. Socially this has sculptured me to realizing what is important. A Child's need to be fashionable brings along another dilemma for school violence. Children no doubt will envy other children's clothing and lack the financial resources to purchase similar styles. Subsequently, children have been violently injured or even murdered, in upper grades, for their trendy clothes, sneakers, or professional sport-team gear. “With clothing shown by music videos and television sitcoms, more children wear similar styles of baggy, oversized shirts and pants to school. Such clothing can become a means of transporting weapons or drugs into school and thus indirectly increase school violence”(King). School uniforms reduce these...

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