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The topic of whether it is right or wrong to be made to wear School uniform is what I will be discussing. This is an issue as people have conflicting views on why we should be forced to wear these clothes. The majority believe this to be a commendable notion whereas some think it isn't worth it. Despite some good points for opposing uniform, my overall view is that it is a good idea.
One of the the most debatable and contraversial issues when opposing School uniform is that it removes individual identity. The view is that people should be given the choice whether they wish to wear School uniform or not. The opposition believe they should be entitled to what they call ''freedom of expression'', meaning the right to wear what they please. Their justification for this is that it pupils will feel more comfortable in casual clothes and will increase thier confidence levels which thus results in improved work and higher concentration levels in class. Through time to time this is said to be true with the inclusion of occasional ''dress as you please'' days where pupils work rates is shown to go up by around 55 to 70%. But on the whole, this isn't a proven analergy and it would be wrong to assume such theories as being sufficiently true. A persons individual identity is a personal thing. It by far more concerns the widely variable personalities that humans have. We are judged much more in an intamite setting such as school by who we are and how we act. Clothes are a possibly small influence but their significance is minimul.
School may also have to adapt their dress code policy if religious obligation has to be considered. The general rule is that schools will accept and allow pupils to wear clothing that is considered to be important to a religion providing it doesn't bring about any indiscipline. Where religion is concerned, I believe that unless the an item of clothing they wear blatently shows evidence of a major breech in school policy, they should be left alone. It will create division in the relationship between religious pupils and the school where they school are preventing pupils from upholding thier beliefs. Perhaps possibly discouraging people moving in and stopping countries like Britain from mintaining their ethnically diverse reputations.
Another reason why people choose to oppose school uniform is that it is of poor quality and is uncomfortable. The repelling perspective is that when we wear these ''rubbish clothes'' we lose heart and we lose our personality and enthusiasm for school as a knock on effect. Some of thier nugatory rheteric for exhibiting views include messages like: the poor children have to wear horrible clothes five days a week. Have they still not even saw a school shirt? What they fail to recognise is that the uniforms are not that uncomfortable. The majority of these people will probaly be overconcerned parents who have overrun with the stresses of life and want to release thier frustration on anything....

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