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Supporting Statement Essay

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My academic profile focuses on Signal Processing for Wireless Communications. I am interested in joining an experienced group in this field, to further develop my career by undertaking new responsibilities and challenges. I found that this position matches these interests and I believe that my experience can make a valuable contribution to your department, and in particular to the wireless communications research group. The following paragraphs detail how my profile meets the person specification provided.

Qualifications and Research Experience
I obtained my Electronic Engineering degree, oriented to communication systems, in 2004. In 2011, I finished my PhD in Engineering under the ...view middle of the document...

I believe these are still hot research topics, as the development of reliable link adaptation schemes over rapidly varying channels remains a key open problem. Moreover, these topics are strongly related to the research interest within your group and can thus surely complement your research.

In 2012, I joined the University of Vigo, in Spain, where I am working as a postdoctoral researcher within the Signal Processing and Communications group. My research happens in the context of COMONSENS project, which integrates over 100 researchers from 10 centers in Spain. During my first year in Vigo, my research focused on spectrum shaping techniques for cognitive OFDM. These techniques aim to provide deep spectrum notches to keep interference to licensed users at bay, enabling a better bandwidth utilization of the cognitive system. This topic led to interesting convex and non-convex optimization problems, considering different design constraints (transmission mask, the sparsity of the solution and others). Currently, I am also working on security issues of channel aware resource allocation protocols, from a cross-layer design perspective. In particular, my research focuses on the security vulnerabilities they exhibit to forged channel state information. Preliminary results obtained so far are promising since they show that the time-varying nature of the channel, not considered in previous research, can offer unique protection features against this attack. These topics are related to wireless network research field and are attracting considerable attention. Therefore, I consider these topics might also be a good complement to your research lines.

Evidence of the quality of my research on these topics are the several publications I have on prestigious IEEE journals and well-known international leading conferences. On the other hand, while I still have not had the opportunity to generate research income on my own, I collaborated in the writing of various research proposals. I also prepared three successful external fellowship applications at a national level. I feel that this shows my potential to obtain research income.

Teaching and managing of staff experience
I have been involved in undergraduate teaching since 2002 and in student tutoring since 2008. Many of the courses I have participated in include laboratory experiences which I had to keep updated to motivate students' learning and to take into account recurrent difficulties observed. Through the years I have learnt how to explain rather complex concepts clearly to students. I have developed this ability along the many years spent delivering problem solving classes, and also by giving talks related to my...


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