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Supreme Canning Company Essay

997 words - 4 pages

GERALD ALBAIJM University of New Mexico, USA
EDWIN DUERR San Francisco State University, USA
JESPER STRAMISKOY Aarhus School of Business, Denmark
Prentice Hall
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1 International marketing and exporting 1.1 Introduction 1.2 The nature of international marketing 1.3 Export marketing planning and strategy 1.4 The Internet, the World Wide Web, and e-business 1.5 The impact of technology 1.6 Entrepreneurial approaches to international marketing 1.7 The growth of nontraditional exports 1.8 Overview of the book Questions for discussion References Further reading Case Study 1.1 Export of art goods from Hungary Case Study 1.2 Murphy Company Limited Case Study 1.3 eBay, Inc. Case Study 1.4 DaimlerChrylser AG
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2 Bases of international marketing 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Potential benefits from export marketing 2.3 International trade theories 2.4 Export behaviour theories and motives 2.5 The development of export in the firm; internationalization stages 2.6 Exporting and the network model
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2.7 Ethical/moral issues 76 2.8 Social responsibility and the business environment 80 Summary 87 Questions for discussion 87 References 88 Further reading 90 Case Study 2.1 Bridgestone Corporation 91 Case Study 2.2 GlaxoSmithKline PLC 94
3 The international environment 99
3.1 Introduction 99 3.2 Economic forces 100 3.3 Socio-cultural environment 106 3.4 Political/legal environment 118 3.5 Economic integration 136 3.6 Competition 141 Summary 144 Questions for discussion 144 References 145 Further reading 147 Case Study 3.1 Supreme Canning Company 148 Case Study 3.2 Ford Motor Company 149 Case Study 3.3 Avon Products, Inc. (A) 153
4 Export market selection: definition and strategies 159 4.1 Introduction 159 4.2 Market definition and segmentation 161 4.3 Market expansion/selection process, procedure and strategy 170 4.4 Foreign market portfolios: technique and analysis 187 Summary 191 Questions for discussion 191 References 192 Further reading 193 Case Study 4.1 IKEA 194 Case Study 4.2 Seven-Eleven Japan 196
5 Information for international market(ing) decisions 199 5.1 Introduction 199 5.2 Sources of information 202 5.3 Assessing market potential 208 5.4 Export marketing research 213 5.5 Using the Internet and e-mail for data collection 226 Summary 228 Questions for discussion 228 References 228 Further reading 230 Appendix: Selected publications and web sites providing secondary data 231 Case Study 5.1 Mariani Packing Company, Inc. 235

Case Study 5.2 Aquabear AB Case Study 5.3 Ford Motor Company Latin America
237 239
6 Market entry strategies 6.1...

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