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Surprisingly Good Essay

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Ever wondered what has been put into everyday food and what the impact is on human health? Approximately 60-80 % of everyday food has one ingredient made from genetically modified foods. When hearing “genetically modified food” people automatically think it is only bad for health, but there is also a good impact surprisingly. The one bad thing is that people do not know what types food have been modified because there are no labels for GMO products. Even though GMOs have a bad impact on human health, it also has a good impact.
First off GMOs are genetically modified organisms or transgenic crops. In other words, GMOs mean “splicing genetic material from one organism (plant, animal, bacteria or viruses) and transferring it to another” (Freedman). Gene splicing is one of the many different ways GMOs are created. The different methods of creating GMOs all consist of the same idea; taking a specific trait or gene from one organism and transferring it to another organism. For example, “genes that help cold water fish survive low temperature can be inserted into a strawberry to make it frost-resistant” (Deakin University Australia). Biotechnologists aren’t just putting together some random chemicals to make strawberries frost-resistant. Biotechnologists take specific genes, which are biological unit that determine an organism’s inherited character and take them from the fish and insert it into a different form of food; which in this case are strawberries. GMOs are mainly made “to increase its shelf life, make it resistant to pesticides and insecticides, or improve the crops nutritional yield” (Deakin University Australia). These genetically modified foods are not made to hurt human health, but to improve the food fundamentals. A lot of food is being thrown away because it is going bad or bugs have infested it, so by injecting food, producers are saving that food that would have been initially thrown away. With that said, yes food producers are genetically modifying our food except it is done for a reason weather it is to increase our nutritional yield or its shelf life.
People assume the worst too quickly, as soon as something new comes out thoughts about the bad effects come out as well, but then again about everything good comes with a bad side. Therefore with GMOs there is a potential risk of “unintentionally introducing allergens and other anti-nutrition factors in food” (ISAAA). Introducing these factors is one of the many things that could happen, except that it is not meant to be intentional. For example, going to get a hair cut from new cosmetologist could go well, but then again she could mess up, but not intentionally. Another potential risk would be for “pests to evolve resistance to the toxins produced by GM crops” (ISAAA). One natural toxin that is used would be bt toxins, which are used to kill insects and pests that destroy over billions worth of crops every year. If the insects and pests do happen to become resistant to these...

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