Surrogacy Should Be Banned In All States

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An article titled “Baby M and the Question of Surrogate Motherhood,” discusses the oldest court case involving surrogacy. In this case, the surrogate mother, Mary Beth Whitehead, decided that she did not want to give away the baby she had carried the past nine months. The couple that had hired Whitehead as a surrogate went to court to get their baby back and their case prevailed. The author of the article, Clyde Haberman seems to be unbiased and takes no stance on the issue. He does however bring up that although it is banned in some states, there is no national policy in place regarding surrogacy. I am going to argue that it would be morally correct to ban surrogacy completely.
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When a woman is low on funds, surrogacy is a fairly easy way to make money. A perfect example is Mary Beth Whitehead. As the video said, Mary Beth was of low economic status. Whitehead, “a high school dropout married to a garbage collector” most likely was drawn to the idea of being a surrogate because of her financial standing. If women feel pressure to be surrogates in order to provide for their family, they may get themselves into an undesirable situation. Not only would be morally wrong to use women’s bodies as baby-making machines, but if women are not committed to the idea, there may be moral issues on the part of the surrogate as we saw in the Baby M case when the surrogate decided she did not want to give up the child.
Critics could argue that with the current technology, there will not be issues with women wanting to keep the babies they birth because of in vitro fertilization. In the past, a man’s sperm was implanted into the surrogates body to create a baby biologically related to the man and to the surrogate. However, in vitro fertilization gives couples an opportunity to combine their own egg and sperm to fertilize and implant an embryo of their own biological decent into the surrogate. It can be argue that if the surrogate has no genetic connection to the baby, there will be less of an attachment and less of a chance that she changes her mind. It would also make the experience less traumatic to the surrogate emotionally. Still, anyone carrying a baby with them for nine months is likely to feel some sort of attachment, so this argument is not completely valid.
Critics may also argue that the donors know what they are getting themselves into and it is a personal choice. Surrogates must sign a contract, and some people find joy in helping a couple start a family. The surrogate in the video...

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