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Surrogate Mother Essay

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Surrogacy is a controversial issue nowadays. Surrogacy allows a woman to give the gift of parenthood to a couple who would otherwise not have been able to experience it, either due to infertility or inability to adopt a child. In some cases, the surrogate can obtain monetary compensation for her services. According to Anderson (1990), A commercial surrogate mother is someone who is paid money to bear a child for other people and to terminate her parental rights, to lead to a situation that the others may raise the child as exclusively their own.
In the aspect of the intended parents, there are reasons for people who need the surrogacy service. Firstly, Intended mothers can have a huge ...view middle of the document...

After considerate and measure the cost and effect, they would have the agreement with the intended parents.
There is worry that children would be treated as commodity if surrogate motherhood is allowed. In addition, it may be possible for children to be treated as commodity.
There is say that the possibility for children to be treated as commodity could be doubted. Although the babies are from the surrogate mother, it does not mean that they are lack of love and the babies are also not being degraded. Although the children by the surrogate mothers
are to solve the demand in the market, the intended parents could also possess the attitude that they treat the babies as their own children. There are a number of Children are always being nurtured with parental love even their mothers are just machines to reproduce them.
On the other hand, surrogacy would make it possible for children to be treated as commodity. As the surrogate mothers could be chosen by their height, I.Q., race and other attributes, to expect these traits will be passed on to the child. In other words, it means the children can be selected. It is like when buying goods, you would choose the one with the better quality. When the characteristic of children could be selected by parents, except considering the moral factors, every parent would like to have a better-qualified child and they would prefer a perfect offspring rather than a child with defect. Due to the service of surrogate mothers, a pair of couple could choose the surrogate mother with expected qualities which would bring to their children. When surrogacy becomes a choice to reproduce children, the value of nurturing children would be deteriorate. It is because we possess a mind that we are the payer and we are allowed to pick the commodity that we are satisfied with. In this case, it is possible for children to be treated as commodity.
Children from surrogacy would be treated as a commodity. There is a case in Hong Kong, a Hong Kong tycoon, Peter Lee Ka Kit, had hired a surrogate mother to give birth to three sons. He was not requiring children with his partner, but children are still wanted by him so that he chooses to have children from a surrogate mother. In view of this, the children from surrogacy could be not born to have parents but only a father. The reason of giving birth to those children is not about the love of parents that they want to nurture children in the family, but other reasons. In Peter Lee Ka Kit's case, the children could be treating as a commodity and to become the heirs, to inherit the property. Although the reason behind could not be proved, the possibility of this reason is still existing.
There are doubts about surrogate mother who is paid to carry the baby would be exploited and degraded in different circumstances.
There are views that the mothers who are paid to carry the baby would not be exploited and degraded. As the surrogate mother is being respected that the surrogates...

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