Surrounded By People, Forever Alone Essay

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Mustapha Mond, the almighty world controller, Bernard, the Alpha reject, and John, the outcast in both the old and new world, differ tremendously in the eyes of society yet suffer from the same fate, a life filled with loneliness. Mustapha Mond put himself in a position way above the others in a society that his mindset didn’t truly fit in with. Bernard was physically stunted compared to other Alphas and was therefore outcast and denied his social standings that is granted to all Alphas as a sort of birthright. John is different from the Indians in the Savage Reservation, his skin tone and mindset set him apart from his fellow tribesmen, but he didn’t fit in the “Brave New World”, he couldn’t, not as the savage with a “Mother” and a “Father”. All three are incredibly intelligent individuals and would thrive in modern society but in a world where all people are decanted, are born into their social positions, and must “fit in” they all stuck out. All three lacked to proper environment to grow and thrive, reach their full potential, so they never did.
Mustapha Mond aimed for a high social position because that helped him reach his goal of maintaining social stability. Mustapha Mond, in reality, didn’t truly fit in or like what he did, he loved science, he outright admitted it to John, Bernard, and Helmholtz. “’Because, finally, I preferred this,’ the Controller answered. ‘I was given the choice: to be sent to an island, where I could have got on with my pure science, or to be taken on to the Controllers’ Council with the prospect of succeeding in due course to actual Controllership…’” (Huxley 328) Mustapha Mond gave up his love of science to fit in and gain a position of power. He gave up his passion for social stability, a mindless happiness with no worries because nobody needed to know what it was like to dream and to aim higher. Mustapha Mond believed that society, as it was, would maintain the peace and a stable environment. He believed that this would be for the best and became a world controller to ensure that the peace was kept.
Bernard was incredibly intelligent, like all Alphas, but lacked the height of one of a high status as well as the confidence. He was looked down upon by all classes and withdrew into a negative mindset. He began believing that he wasn’t worth his true value as a human and chose to shut everyone out instead of aim to change the opinion of society. He grew bitter and looked at himself with pity instead of rising above. Bernard had Helmholtz as a friend yet continued to view himself as alone; he was the one who isolated himself though he views it as society isolating him. Bernard takes his feelings of frustration out on those that were lower than him in an attempt to make himself feel superior and to try to reassure himself that he can still be considered a powerful Alpha. “The Mockery made him feel like an outsider; and feeling an outsider he behaved like one, which increased the prejudice against him and...

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