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Surrounding Effects Of A Child's Violent Behavior

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It has been argued that a child's violent behavior is caused by aggression by outside influences, such as peers, television and even their own family environment.Yet it is common knowledge that forms of violent behavior must come from somewhere. It is thought that there must be a reason for this behavior and that something or someone instigated it somewhere along a child's life.This raised the question, are there predictors for violent behavior in children? In other words, does research show that children that have had a troubled life often result in behavior that is violent? The purpose of this paper is to offer examples of studies on the possible predictors for violent behavior in children. Professional literature reveals that there are in fact predictors that cause children to become violent, such as being bullied on the playground, abused in the home situation or even simple violence on television.The most recent data to support the theory that there are predictors for violent behavior in children came from research done by Delveaux & Daniels (2000) based on data reported in Merrill-Palmer Quarterly. It was stated that children with strong goals and desire to avoid trouble are less likely to become physically aggressive. These children may become relationally aggressive to avoid trouble with adults. Secondly, children who were relationally aggressive were interested in maintaining relationships with a larger number of their peer group than the children that were physically aggressive. This representative study questioned 237 children from four rural schools near a moderately sized Canadian city. Participants were predominantly Caucasian and of middle to lower-middle class background. The sample included 64 fourth-grade(36 boys, 28 girls), 124 fifth-grade( 65 boys, 59 girls), and 85 sixth-grade children (37 boys, 48 girls). Their age ranged from 8 to 13 years. The mean age of the sample was 10 yr.This study was administered aloud in the classroom while the children were in a group discussion. The children were given a hypothetical situation regarding some different conflicts, such as verbal and physical situations. The students were then asked to set strategies and goals for each situation.Keep in mind that the age of the participants did not play an important role in the correlation of this study therefore age was not included as a variable. Results showed that prosocial strategies were negatively correlated with the revenge goal but positively correlated with the desire to avoid trouble, maintain relationships with their peers and to maintain their equality with their peers. Physically aggressive strategies were positively correlated with the child's personal control, self interest and revenge goals, and negatively correlated with maintaining equality and relationships with their peers. In this study, relationally aggressive strategies were positively associated with the desire to avoid trouble and maintain their peer group...

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