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Surveillance Cameras Essay

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Surveillance Cameras
How are kids safe at night? Do they roam the streets without adult supervision? Are drug dealers taking over the streets? Are drivers nervous of everyone else’s bad driving habits? Although some believe law enforcement cameras invade privacy and disrupt everyday lives, cameras help keep citizens safe. “Police departments across Great Britain credit cameras with dramatic crime reduction, citing such impressive results as 75 percent drop in Airdrie, Scotland, a 68 percent reduction in Glasgow, Scotland, and a 57 percent drop in Northampton” (Taylor 44+). Without the use of cameras everywhere, there would be an excessive amount of accidents, killings, burglaries, drugs, and illegal acts. The use of law enforcement cameras help decrease drug trades, capture traffic violations, and protect neighborhoods without affecting the privacy of citizens.
Surveillance cameras today help police officers and other law enforcement agencies reduce drug trades. Drug dealers make trades in places where they feel comfortable with their surroundings and familiar with the people. By putting surveillance cameras in areas where drug trade appears the highest, cops obtain a greater chance of catching dealers. In their “familiar” areas, they know where to hide the drugs, who is not their friends, and where the police roam. Dealers try to find places where cameras are less common. However, in order to keep track of dealers, and eventually cut them off, cops place plenty of cameras anywhere and everywhere. “We’re not getting rid of anything, we’re moving it around” (Taylor 44+). The cameras force these drug dealers to move about and find new unfamiliar places. By moving these drug trades around, officers are now making more arrests than ever. Overall, drug trades continue to reduce due to law enforcement camera use. In the United States, Tacoma, Washington, was the first of many cities to use cameras to help protect citizens. Tacoma police officers, in the first three months, captured fifty-five drug dealers. These “drug-watching” cameras usually sit on top of apartments, where they oversee the streets and alleyways. These videotapes are also used to bust juveniles who are on the fast track to jail. Law enforcement cameras help reduce these fast-track jailers from learning the drug trades, by keeping a watchful eye on them.
Other than surveillance cameras reducing drug trades, the cameras also prevent traffic violations. “The encroachment on my life was slight and might have been justified in light of public safety-driving is, after all, an earned privilege, not a given right” (Dale 22-23). Cameras help watch for illegal immigrants crossing into the United States through traffic stops and toll booths. Surveillance cameras lessened the amount of illegal immigrants coming through to the United States, but also watch for stolen vehicles. Since the first year of the encouragement of cameras, collisions declined to around forty-seven percent (“Recording”...

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