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The Addition Of Using Video Games On Teenagers

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The addicted of using video games on teenagers


Ever since, I looked around and I noticed that the popular games which being used were video games, As a result of publicity. That types of games preside high viewing and using. That phenomenon where spread specifically between adolescent ages. My brother has 15 years old and he was addicted to playing video games. He used it for along period of time and played it with whose outside friends tirelessly.That being wasted of his time, however his attitude where changes and transfer as a result of addicted playing. Also it has an effect of changing personalities to become progressive which is violent games using dangerous scene and events. The purpose of this report is to search out whether video games has a good influence or could be destroyed players mind and behaviours.

Survey Findings

The survey was completed on 19 October with 32 respondents. At the beginning of October only 13 answered, and the the trend of respondent were rising up until 32 answered.To prepare the survey I used Google Chrome to write the questions, when I completed I used BlackBoard to send my survey to the class and some other students that I know.

I sent my survey to the whole class over and over again. Even though I requested other students in the other classes to respond my survey. Only a few students replayed to the survey. In spite of this continued asking people until I received 32 respondents.

The majority of respondents were female 78%. Most people respondent were aged around 18-22 years old. Almost all from Other Arab Countries 53% and 31% Qatari people.There was an answer that surprised me, that is most frequently players video game were not addicted 69%. Most of them were using video game once a week 59%. Usually they prefer to sitting at home and played with their friends more than their family members. In addition I asked about the best type of games, and the most people prefer to play adventure games 57%. Followed by action type of...

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