Survey Analysis

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Survey Analysis

In this survey analysis I aim to give a reason behind why each
question was asked and how I can alternatively answer it to get the
best possible outcome. I will analyse each result in order to select a
property I may add to my new snack to make it most successful when it
has been entered into the competing market.

1. What age group do you belong to?

This question was asked in order to find the average age group whom
purchase crisp in a daily period. This question was vague with a small
range of possible answers therefore doesn’t prove very effective.
Another problem which does not make this answer very accurate was, I
received an average age group of 11- 20, this could be because I asked
mainly teenagers. To improve this I can ask random people walking in
and out of a super market.

2. What gender are you?

This question was asked in order to determine the sex of each
participant in this survey. The only enquiries that can be possibly
made about this question, is that some people have mixed genders due
to a side effect or mutation. They may find this question to be
discriminating towards hermaphrodites, transsexuals etc. Nevertheless
this should be an issue due to crisp being liked by all genders. This
question may have been bias because half the people surveyed were
male; therefore I choose to rely upon census population results.

3. What are your week wages?

This question was issue to find out the amount of money people earned
in weekly period, therefore we could average it out to daily wages in
order to find out how much crisp can be purchased daily. This method
showed that more than half the people asked earn less that 200 pounds
a week. This could be because the people asked were in a school
therefore did not earn wages yet received pocket money totalling to
less than £200.

4. Do you often buy crisp? If yes please state how many packets a

This is to find out the average amount of crisp sold in a daily
period. This is can aid me to make an estimate on the amount of crisp
I can put on the market. This can be done by finding an average and
multiplying it by the population of the group whom I choose to target
my product at. This can result in accuracy among sales in the U.K.
People often purchased 4-8 packets of crisp a day on average, yet I
could have been more specific to get a more precise answer.

5. How often do you buy a packet or multiple packets of crisp in a

This question was in conjunction to the previous question to find out
the range of products bought in a weekly period. This will help me
find out if people find it more appropriate to buy multi-packs and
save money as well as have more packets of crisp. This is a very
effective question because it will help be find out if multi packs are
preferred for value rather than single packs. People did not purchase
as many multi packs as individual packets of crisp in a weeks period,

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