Survey Into Iq, Hair Colour, Gender And Relationships Between Them

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An investigation into factors that may be connected with IQ scores. Being one of only three blonde females in a top set Maths class that is dominated by males aspersions tend to be cast our way as to our lack of intelligence!! Having been given a set of secondary data from the fictious High School Mayfield I want to look into this aspect of life and see whether their aspersions have any basis in real life. I am going to assume that Mayfield High School is a fairly typical High School in the United Kingdom and so I believe that any results that I find will be typical of everyone in the UK. To do this I will be looking at the IQ results to see if they appear 'normally' ...view middle of the document...

I shall place the data in groups and then plot the frequency polygon and histogram for each set of data. I am plotting the frequency polygon so that I can check whether my sample is representative of the normal and, therefore, that Mayfield High is a school that represents school populations generally. I will be comparing these graphs with that of a 'normal' distribution graph, a symmetrical bell shaped graph. I will then compare the graphs to see if there are any differences or similarities of each graph.2. For the second question I am going to plot a histogram of the mean values of IQ of the different hair colours. I am going to place the different hair colours into 5 different groups and then find their means. I am going to use the mean as it is a typical value as it uses all values of IQ as in this case is unlikely to be distorted by one or two unusual values as the IQ range is usually symmetrical. From the 'normal' IQ range graph I can see that the mean mode and median should be very close. So I will check to see if this is true for my sample, this will also help me find out if there are any discrepancies in my sample.3. For the third question I am going to draw four box and whisker diagrams; one for blonde males, one for blonde females, one for other haired females and one for other haired males. I will then compare these graphs to see if there are any similarities or any differences between the four plots.Question 1How does gender affect IQ? After taking my sample I have discovered that one member of the samplehas not got an IQ score recorded, as my investigation hinges upon the need ofr IQ scores I shall be ignoring him for the rest of my investigation, this will bring my sample down to 168people. For my frequency density polgons and histograms I have decided to a standard width of 2 units.FemalesGroup Tally Frequency Frequency Density7090100103110MalesGroup Tally Frequency Frequency Density7090100103110Analysis: The graph of the male IQ appears slightly more symmetrical and so more 'normal'. The graph of female IQ has a slightly negative skew ie the bars are slightly taller on the right hand side of the graph. However these differences are only marginal and are unlikely to be very significant as they could be due to the slight difference in this sample in relation to any others. I would expect for each of the graphs to be slightly different but I don't think that the difference is due to anything but my particular sample.Question 2How does a person's hair colour affect their IQ scores? I have sorted the data into 5 groups of differing hair colour. I have found both the mean and the median for these groups and have found them to be fairly similar in amount. I have then...

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