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As a survey of American literature there are many influential and celebrated authors. Jack Kerouac has become a well known writer whose nontraditional style has led him to fame. In Jack Kerouac’s writings, he used a stream of consciousness, spoke chaotic and randomly, and used long run on sentences. In “Big Sur”, Kerouac uses run on sentences that reach around 9 lines long. In the conservative 1950s, his stream of consciousness approach to writing was unheard of. Kerouac’s style was revolutionary for his time. Kerouac is, “regarded as a liberator of prose and champion of idiomatic American expression” (Baym 2542).
Robert Frost was a well known, Pulitzer Prize winning author. Frost was known for his realistic style and portrayal of rural life. He used life in New England to analyze the complex social and philosophical themes present during the early twentieth century. Frost found beauty in nature and used it in his poetry. In the gist of Jack Kerouac, “The Road Not Taken” could be written as this:
I came across two roads that diverged in a yellow wood---I was sorry I could not travel both since I was only one traveler; I stood there looking down one path as far as I could to where it bent in the undergrowth and then I took a look down the other path which seemed just as fair, being all grassy and wanted wear, but really both paths had been worn about the same.
That morning both lay equally covered in leaves and I decided to keep the first for another day, and knowing how way lead on to way, I doubted if I should ever decide to come back.
As I am I telling this tale, I tell it with a sigh; somewhere a long long time ago while in the woods, two roads diverged in front of me, I decided to take the one less traveled and that really has made all the difference in the world.
In Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”, the use of imagery and nature is apparent throughout the poem. The theme of the poem is that life is full of decisions and that decisions have to be made. The choices made can limit and determine what we can do as we proceed to the next choice. The speaker contradicts himself when he states he'll take the other road some other time, but confesses he probably won't come this way again. The speaker has a tone of regret when discussing his choice, which has made all the difference in his life. This poem is often spoken at cumulative life events, such as graduations and weddings, speaking about the choices that have to be made in life.
Emily Dickinson is one of the more well known American poets. Dickinson lived quit an unusual life. Dickinson spent most of her time by herself. Because of her seclusion, there was much speculation about interest about Dickinson. Despite her somewhat unusual lifestyle, Dickinson is known for her powerful writing. One of the main topics Dickinson dealt with was death. Death can be a very difficult subject to discuss; however Dickinson calmly comes to terms with death, since it is inevitably. ...

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