Survey On Human Compassion Towards Their Pets

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Survey on Human Compassion Towards Their PetsProblem:Due to recent charges of animal abuse among pet owners, I have decided to do a survey on the amount of respect owners give to their animal companions, also known as pets. Animals, other than us 'intelligent' humans, seem to be treated with little respect, if any. In Spain they celebrate their dominance over animals once a year. This celebration consists of the mass murder and torture of goats, bulls, sheep, and other 'subhuman' creatures. Throughout the world animals are undergoing constant experiments on their body tissues, organs, and immune system. There is no mercy for the animals in today's modern and fast paced world where cures are more and more needed, and the tasty flesh of animals is in demand. Or is there? Recently, animal rights activists and organizations are sprouting up like dandelions, nice looking and hard to get rid of. Vegetarianism is also becoming more popular, and may very well be the way of the future. The problem is most people think that animals are less better than us, and should be treated with far less respect than we would give a fellow human being.Hypothesis:I think that people care less for animals due to the way society programmed to think and behave. Since the day that we were born, most parents preached to us 'Be nice to the family dog,' or the cat or whatever the case may be, and right after that they would say 'Time for supper.' When the children came to the table, on their plates would be some nice broccoli, a potato, and a slab of meat. The way society teaches us to be nice to animals while they stab the animals in the back, literally, is a hypocrisy. They say one thing, and then do the complete opposite. Society, in more cases, cannot even follow their own morals they teach. Luckily, thanks to the animal activists and organizations, society is having to revise their misguided ideology about the rights of animals. Human compassion is blossoming, and that is why I hypothesize we are more caring toward animals now, than we have been in the past. This will be proven by a series of questions, each showing how much they either care, or don't care.Data Gathering:To obtain the information I needed, I could have used many different methods. However, I decided to use the telephone as a tool to acquire the answers and responses I would need to validate my hypothesis. I devised a table (on the next page) to keep track of the information. Eleven questions were asked and are listed below:1 Do you have a pet?2 What type of animal is it?3 Is it a male or female?4 Where did you get him/her?5 How long has he/she been with you?6 Do you bring him/her in for regular checkups?7 Do you groom him/her?8 Is this done professionally or personally?9 Who cares for your pet when you go on a vacation?10 Do you consider him/her a part of your family?11 Do you eat meat?With this series of questions I hoped to get a good idea of how they treated and cared for their animal companions. The...

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