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The 1920s were a time of prosperity. Of course that all changed with Black Tuesday and the economy crash that followed. Ron Howard’s the Cinderella Man, is about a man named Jim Braddock who was once a big boxing star before the Great Depression. When he broke his arm, he kicked out of the ring and was faced with the difficult world that existed in the 1930s. Jim Braddock and his family are faced against the Great Depression, and as his family and his face the economic and societal problems of 1934, similarities and differences are able to be noticed.
In the movie, Jim and his family experience some of the effects of the Great Depression. One example is when Jim is unable to find work. This is after he has lost his boxing license, partially because he broke his wrist. During the Depression, unemployment went up to twenty-five percent. As a result of his lack of work, Jim and his family struggle to survive. They barely have enough money to buy food let alone to buy milk or to pay their mortgage, electricity, or gas bills. When Jim and Mae’s children get sick, they are not able to get a doctor or even medicine because they cannot afford it. Many others in that time lived in cardboard shacks in the middle of Central Park because they could no longer afford a house. Mae’s children felt of the tough times with little money. They were sent to live with some relatives at one point because it got so bad they could not afford to take care of their own kids. It is often said that the children in those days had no childhood due to the stresses of survival that commonly held their hearts at a young age. More than 200,000 children wandered the country without homes as a result of the split up between parents (“Explorations”). Cinderella Man accurately displays some of the trials faced by Americans during the Depression.
There are differences and similarities between the Americans of 2010 and the Americans of 1934. A distinction between Americans now and Americans in 1934 was religion. Before the Depression, a vast majority of this country was made up of Christians. So, when the Depression came around, people began to blame God for their misfortunes and turned away from religion. Today, the United States includes quite a few atheists. When the recession began, people began looking for a sense of stability and turned toward religion and towards God (Pillsbury). The recession today and the Depression in the 1930s both caused the people to loose faith in the abilities of the government. In Cinderella Man, Jim is asked to join the “revolution” that is brewing against the government. It was in protest to President Hoover’s inaction towards the Great Depression. It is said that the “most volatile strikes and protest movements” known to Chicago took place during the Depression (Deutsch). Presently the entire country is criticizing our leaders, such as President Obama and the leaders of California for not helping us to get out of our recession faster....

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