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Survival And Fall Of The Tsar

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Survival and Fall of the Tsar

In the 1905 revolution, the Russian Population was not seeking to
overthrow the Tsarist autocracy, but was rather demanding social and
economic reforms, a representative government and elections. However
in the February 1917 revolution, the workers and the soldiers massed
together with only one idea in their heads; overthrow Tsar Nicholas II
and put an end to Russia’s autocratic system. The February revolution
of 1917 had successfully overthrown Tsar Nicholas II, Nicholas II
abdicated on the 2nd of March 1917. The Tsar was not overthrown in the
1905 revolution because nobody imperatively wanted him to be
overthrown, they rather wanted him to change the way he ruled the
country, this made him instore the Duma and create the October
Manifesto which addressed the unrest in Russia and promised to grant
civil liberties such as Freedom of Speech. The various land, social
and economic reforms instituted by Tsar Nicholas II from 1905 to his
end in 1917 created a stage for the 1917 revolution. Those reforms
meant that Russia was modernizing and industrializing at a fast rate,
this meant that peasants were moving to the cities, and due to this
urbanization, the low-class population was brought closer together and
was able to create a class-awareness which created the stage for the
February 1917 revolution. “A discontented working class living and
working in poor conditions became volatile and led to instability.
Packed together in the cities they would find it easier than the
peasants to undertake concerted action.”[1] It was very hard to
modernize and follow and autocratic system but modernization was
needed for Russia, it was lagging behind the other super-powers such
as France, Great-Britain and the USA. The need for change in economic
and social aspects of the nation added to the 1904 Russo-Japanese war
sparked the 1905 revolution. The need for Russia to modernize and
industrialize added to the Russian involvement in World War One and
the October Manifesto, specifically the pledge to grant Freedom of
Speech resulted in the February 1917 revolution.

The January 22nd 1905 revolution, or “Bloody Sunday”, was mainly a
protest aimed at enforcing change. The Russian population was fed up
with the Tsar and the way he ruled his country, added to the unrest in
the main urban centers, there was also unrest in the countryside. The
peasantry went on strike which aggravated the already existing food
shortage; peasants overthrew their landlords, as they did not accept
the harsh conditions they endured on the fields. They regularly
suffered famines. Also the Russian population rose by nearly 50% in
the previous 60 years which meant that the peasant population was also
increasing which was putting more pressure on the land. Workers wanted
more political power, they did...

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