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Survive By Love, Faith And Will

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At the beginning of the 20th century, anti-Semitism became more serious. Germany began to isolate and eliminate Jews. When the Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler, comes to power in 1933, he wanted to set up the perfect Nazi state. The Nazis wanted to stamp out any opposition to their rule, so they set up a system of concentration camps, death camps for holding people that they see as “undesirable”. Those “undesirables” were Jews. From 1933 to 1945, about six million Jews are murdered and it is called the Holocaust. The Holocaust is the greatest single case of mass murder in history and is difficult to ignore. After World War II, survivors of the Holocaust told their stories directly or wrote down what happened in the Holocaust. One of the famous writers is Elie Wiesel, a Noble Peace Prize winner in 1986 who wrote the novel Night based on his experience as a Holocaust survivor. Night is the record of Elie Wiesel’s memories of the Holocaust. This work of literature is about his experience with his father, Chlomo, in the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald between 1944 and 1945. Another book that effectively describes the theme of the Holocaust by Canadian poet Anne Michaels is Fugitive Pieces, for which she received many prizes such as, Orange Prize, Canadian Authors Association Award and so on. The Fugitive Piece tells the story of a seven-year old young boy Jakob Beer and his parents are murdered by Nazi soldiers and his sister, Bella, is abducted during the Holocaust in Poland. Jakob flees and is rescued by a Greece geologist Athos Roussos. Athos hides Jakob successfully in Greek, then at the end of war, they move to Toronto. Both characters though from different perspectives and stories Elie and Jakob’s experiences reflect a truth that no matter how harsh the situation is, one tends to overcome all obstacles to obtain a life of fulfillment. The courage can be gained from love, faith and will to survival.
Love is so powerful that it itself can push a person to move forward or provide motivation for a person to live. Love plays a big role in both works Night and Fugitive Pieces. Elie and Jakob are encouraged by their families. Elie and his father are separated from his mother and two young sisters when they arrive at Auschwitz as prisoners. Every prisoner is given a number. From then on, they are never spoken to by name, just by number. Concentration camps are full of bed bugs, starvation, lice, hard labor, constant brutality and death. The death rate of prisoners is very high, sometimes several hundred a day. People are punished or shot for many reasons such as, escape, being too weak to work or running slowly. In Elie’s eyes, Nazi soldiers are brutal and Jews are shot like dogs. During this hardship, Elie never leaves his father “I [Elie] want to stay with my father” (Wiesel 48). They provide each other with support. His father reminds Elie to remember all valuable things: duty, family and courage. Elie’s father is the last...

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