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Daniela Vargas04/09/2014Surviving a kidnappingIt was around seven o' clock in the afternoon. I kept on trying to open my eyes but there was something that didn't let me see anything. It didn't take me long to figure out I was trapped in some kind of bag, tight ropes wrapped around my hands and my feet were freezing cold because I was barefoot. My heart kept pumping at a faster speed every time a second went by. I did not know what was going on. Tears felt running down my face, sweat in my head and my back. I felt eyes on me, all I heard was deep breathing from not one, not two, but three, maybe four men as I could assume. I tried not to make one single move or sound, I thought that maybe I could get out of this situation. Only if I knew, this was just the beginning. Seconds and minutes went by and I did not make a single move, so I started trying to remember what happened before the "kidnapping".I tried; as much as I could but I did not achieve anything, I only remembered I got a phone call, and someone told me I had to go pick someone up at the bus station to take him/her back to my hotel. That is all I remembered. Almost an hour passed and I felt as if someone was grabbing me from my back. I was extremely scared. I was paralyzed. There was even a point were I thought it was a surprise party or a prank from my cousins . Only to find out once I was let out of the bag, it was the complete opposite. I found myself surrounded by big, badly dressed, pierced, tattooed and smelly men. They were wearing a camouflage suit with dirty shoes and ripped pants. They looked exactly what criminals in scary movies look like.There was even a point where I thought they had just mistaken me with someone else. I thought:"Why am I even here? Is this a joke? I'm just a normal woman; I have no family! Only my cousins are alive!""She looks fine," said one guy to the other."Calm your hormones dude, we ain't having fun with her…. Yet" Said another guy.My legs and my mouth were shivering of how scared I was; I have not felt that much adrenaline since I received a call telling me that my father had been murdered. By La Guerrilla (known kidnappers and killers in Colombia). I could not help myself. I had to ask."Who are you people? Why am I here?" I said"We've been investigating about you Elena. You're a 26 year old with a huge heritage about to be given to you by your dead father. Aren't you?" said the biggest guy."I don't know what you are talking about, I built that hotel with my money!" I said with an angry tone of voiceAt that moment I thought those were going to be the last words I was ever going to say. All of them started to laugh, and I did not know what was so funny, there had to be a reason!"What's so funny? I said"Don't you know? When your that died he left you a huge heritage, worth more than 10 million dollars." Said again...

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